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Bible school’s fresh touch


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Before there were Summer Camps there was Vacation Bible School (VBS).And, with several churches across the island still holding on to this tradition, children can occupy their time and mind with wholesome activity.VBS is still a viable option for parents this summer.At Halls Road Church Of The Nazarene, Carol Cumberbatch, Sunday school director and camp coordinator, said the session was open to all children between four and 13 years. “However, older children who are members of the Sunday school can come along because there are still some children whose parents do not have anyone to take care of their children,” said Cumberbatch.The camp offers some of the same activities of the regular summer camps. The activities are craft, dancing, singing, and drama. Each Tuesday is “park day”, when children can play together, while every Thursday is “tour day” and there will be trips to several places of interest.In addition to that, the VBS will focus on the Bible books of Ruth and Joshua, as the main objective is to help children understand God and the Bible, cooperation and discipline.“I hope that in the end, even if the children do not come to this church they will attend another Sunday school.”Cumberbatch added that the activities usually started from the second week of the school vacation, but the decision to start early was to address the fact that most children who do not have anywhere else to go could have something to do rather than being on the streets or in the house by themselves.Studying Bible“People think VBS is all about studying the Bible, but we always include craft and outdoor activities because if you keep the children in the Bible from 9 to 3, they will not want to come to the camp. We do activities related to the Bible, but now we include activities which will keep the children’s attention and help them enjoy themselves,” said Cumberbatch.At Emmanuel Baptist Church, Eagle Hall, Minister William Highsmith from Tusculum Hill Baptist Church in Nashville Tennessee has organised a camp which is free of cost to the public. Materials and lunch are provided for the week-long camp.There are 12 counsellors from the Tusculum Church, who are trained and have brought materials to be used at the camp. During the camp, which is in its eighth year, the children memorise Bible verses, learn what it means to be a Christian and how to become one, and this is done through activities, stories and Bible study.Highsmith said the response had been very good, as indicated by the fact that the numbers had grown steadily each day since the camp started with a mixture of Sunday school students and children from the community.Another week-long Bible school, also open to the public, is being put on at the Garden Community Church Of God. Director Charlene Hutson said the acitivity, which has the theme Planet Zoom, was catering to 50 children. Using a rotation system, the children are exposed to craft, food preparation, Bible study, physical activities and Bible activities. The counsellors are the Sunday school teachers of the church.Hutson said: “The camp finishes in time for the students to go to the different Government camps, which will open from next week.” (LK)


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