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PUDDING & SOUSE – Church at the crossroads


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BRIMSTONE AND FIRE are raining down on a popular church which is in an uproar after its leader fired several members of the congregation for attending another church.
The situation has led to division and confusion in the church with some members questioning what they see as an authoritarian attitude from their long-time leader.
Things have become so awkward that members are even afraid to sneeze while in his presence. It appears that many are concerned about the dwindling membership and the high-handed way in which the situation is being dealt with by the church’s hierarchy.
Many are of the opinion that the spiritedness among members is slowly becoming a thing of the past.
Hubby in nettles
THE BIRTH OF a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but a man who recently got married is not looking forward to the birth of his first child.
Apparently he recently discovered that his pregnant bride was cheating on him throughout their relationship and even slept with her lover boy the night before they got married.
It appears that her best friend, who was also her maid of honour, got a change of heart after the wedding and spilled the beans.
The poor husband is hopping mad because he is finding out that the rumours which she was denying for sometime have turned out to be true.
He has since kicked her out of their matrimonial home and is counting down the days until she gives birth so that he can have a DNA test done.
But his friends are laughing at him for being so smitten by his sexy brown-skinned wife, whom he met less than a year ago.
Left in the cold
IT WAS BACCHANAL at a certain guest house when a woman turned up and launched an attack on her husband as he was checking in with his non-national lover.
The poor receptionist could only stare in disbelief as wifey rained blows on her speechless husband with a piece of stick.
It appears that he decided to treat his lover to a staycation here, but had no idea that his wife somehow found out what was going on. His shocked lover could not even say a word because she did not even know that he was married.
Now the man, who has a big job in the construction industry, has found himself without a wife and a lover.
Not making sport
NOT TOO LONG AGO we told you about the sportsman who was following around a woman like a lovesick puppy even though her man had put some licks on him.
Well he is still stalking the poor woman at the bank where she works and at her home. He is constantly sending her text messages telling her how much he loves her and how he can’t live without her.
But this sexy woman, who changes her hairstyle everyday, wants this deadbeat sportsman, who has been on the sidelines for several months now, to leave her alone and start concentrating on his pregnant girlfriend.
Apparently she has been telling his friends that she regrets being intimate with him since he did not stay long at the crease.
Sign of the times
WORKERS AT A certain hotel are tired lining up in the laundry room for several hours waiting for fresh linens and towels.
Apparently there is a severe shortage, but instead of buying the items management has instituted a policy of washing and recycling.
The workers are unhappy about this situation because there are not enough washing machines on plant, so it takes long for items to get out of the laundry room.
The workers are wondering why all of a sudden their bosses have become so stingy when it comes to these important items. They suspect that the hotel may be in some serious financial problems and this may just be the signs of the times.


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