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Just a dance to the Lord


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I refer to your article entitled By George, They’re Great! appearing in the WEEKEND NATION of October 1. I first wish to thank you for the good coverage of our Streetlight Community Theatre, particularly in the context of praise within which the article was written.

There is, however, one statement that has caused major upset among us.

The Mothers of St George are very embarrassed and discouraged by the reference to them as the “Golden Girls” and the part of their dance as “going down to low town”.

They are Christian women who stood up and gave words of inspiration to the young people.

They then danced to a gospel song entitled Spirit And The Bride by M. Anderson.

At the point in the dance when the ladies were free to create their own movements, one lady (over 85 years old) sought to demonstrate that she could still bend her knees and dance in giving praise to God.

This proved to be a source of great amusement for everyone.

The laughter continued when another member of the group (over 80 years old) left her cane behind and moved to front stage while interpreting the words of the song mainly through arm movements.

At no time did the thought of going down to low town ever enter the minds of the members of this group and is an inaccurate description of their actions.

This small group of elderly ladies only wanted to make a contribution to the community outreach programme by encouraging others to put their trust in God who is able to do all things.

SHERROL INNISS, Director, Kairos Academy


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