Digicel men take polo lead


The Digicel men’s polo team doesn’t intend to give the fairer sex a break.
They showed that last Sunday as promised,  But it was far from a cake-walk, as they had to come from behind to take a 1-0 lead in the four-match series.
The Digicel men’s team of Harry Manning, Rhys Odle Philip Atwell and Oliver Williams made light work of the Piaget women for a 9-3 victory, when the first game of the four-match Diamonds International/Digicel Battle of the Sexes tournament got underway at the Holders grounds.
Playing in front of a medium-sized crowd in overcast conditions, the Piaget women, led by Monique Archer, gave their female supporters much to cheer about after scoring the first two goals in the match to end with a 2-0 advantage at the end of the first chukka. 
In the second chukka,  as if stung by a set of bees, they wasted no time in showing the women who was boss on the field.
Two goals from Harry Manning and one each from Oliver Williams and Rhys Odle, who unfortunately bit the dust on two occasions after falling from his horse, broke the backs of the women, who appeared helpless after that to stop the rampaging Digicel men. Such was the dominance of the men, the Piaget lasses remained goalless in both the second and third chukkas.
Oliver Williams was the only player from both sides to find the back of the goal post in the penultimate chukka. 


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