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FLYING FISH & COU COU – No payment, no service


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THINGS ARE so tough in Barbados that even the most senior politicos are being affected. Word reaching Cou Cou is that two heavy rollers were brought to an unceremonious standstill when brakes were slammed on them for separate reasons by two different utility companies.
The first politico became the laughing stock when it was learnt that his telephone was disconnected.
A boisterous man, he was humbled by the event and no doubt must have felt the eyes piercing his back as he made his way throughout the sprawling buildings where he operates.
The second one was even unnier. It seems this gentleman had lights installed as promised and they were working fine until recently. Then, the darkness returned and some very upset people began to cry out.
To appease them he brought in experts from a Government department, only to discover that the lights were fine; it was just that the bill needed to be paid.  
Deputy looms large
PEOPLE ARE DIVIDED on just who choreographed last weekend’s manoeuvres. The blitz was so well executed that even Goebbels would have been pleased.
So impressed are some people that they are saying the captain ought to learn from his leading lieutenant how to handle these modern, computerized vessels. 
They note that unlike the ships the captain was trained on, where, depending on the squall around the vessel, you steered the wheel, the systems on these new ships require information being fed to the computers at all times to ensure the vessel can respond how you want it to when you need it to.
Others are saying that the lieutenant should be promoted to captain as he seems to know more about steering ships through choppy and shark-infested waters than his more experienced captain. 
All those who are clamouring for the lieutenant’s elevation suggest too that this bright spark was smart enough to attribute all success to his captain, since he knows that within his chief’s hands is the power to throw him off the ship, no matter who thinks he is a top-class second in command.
Those who disagree with all of what is being said termed the lieutenant’s chance to demonstrate his skill as showing the captain’s confidence in his leading young sailor. 
They say only a man in complete control would have a hands-off approach and allow his underling to take on such a tough task, to the point of even defending the captain’s action.
Cou Cou is not sure who got it right or wrong in this instance but, for sure, time will tell.
Stench of fallout
THE PARTY FAITHFUL are saying the awful smell emanating from a recently announced deal is the fallout it has caused among their ranks.
They complain that after such a long time in the wilderness, it can’t be right for a Johnny come lately to be allowed to do what he likes to the point where he ticked off true blue stalwarts so much that they packed their bags and walked away.
Supporters are saying that something has to be wrong that stalwarts who stoutly defended the party even in the face of King Arthur’s divide and rule tactics would now after a hard-fought victory walk away.
These supporters want an in-house enquiry as to what really went on so they can know how to deal with any fallout when the time comes.


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