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SECRETS’ CORNER – Women cheat too


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When her eyes are begging for affection / Don’t put her off, don’t make her wait / Don’t try to give her that worn-out excuse about being tired and working late; I’ll tell you – one day you’ll come home early from work / Open up the door and get your feelings hurt; Because she needs it – just like you do / A woman’s got to have it – just like you / And if you’re smart, better stop fooling around / ‘Cause she will, too – just like you do. – From A Woman Needs Love performed by Raydio with Ray Parker Junior.
MOST MEN don’t expect their women to cheat. They normally feel they’re doing such a great job in taking care of their women’s needs that she would never “step out”.
That’s why when men find out it has happened, they’re often floored and handle it badly too.
The fact of the matter is that women cheat just like men do. Though they’re no statistics to prove this, there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest, as in the case of men’s infidelity, that women are just as unfaithful.
The difference between the two is that one does not often hear about women’s infelicities as much, but that’s because they don’t boast about their conquests like men do.
No wonder there was unanimous agreement to this week’s question: Do women steal love on the side like men do, and if so, why? 
Those men and women who responded via text and email all said this was one of the unspoken fears that existed in most relationships. One woman commented: “The number one reason why a woman will cheat is because her partner is openly cheating on her. You know what they say: what is good for the goose is better for the gander. 
“Of course, a woman will remain discreet. Not even her best friend will know the true reason for her sudden glow and extremely happy disposition, even though her husband is a louse.”
A man testified: “My girlfriend had a man on me for nearly two years, and I only found out when I told her that she no longer moved in bed like before. In response she said that was because she did not feel anything in her. I knew immediately she was taking a larger [man].” 
If nothing else, the several comments by both sexes acknowledging that each cheats shows the state of relationships today. It is, too, a sad reflection of how couples communicate their needs and desires to each other.
We maintain that if people could honestly discuss their emotional needs with their partner and have them met, then they would be unlikely to stray. 
The following are edited versions of responses:
– Women are not all that different from men when it comes to  being unfaithful. They often get away with it more because it’s not expected; but it goes on and always has.
-There is no denying it. Women, just like men, will cheat. But the percentage is much lower than the male species. Women may cheat because they don’t feel the love anymore; he doesn’t spend quality time with her anymore; he stopped making love to her because she gained a few pounds after the baby;  he stays out all day and night; and many more such reasons.
-The number of women cheating is increasing because women now make as much or more money than men. They are no longer at the mercy of his wallet but have a great deal more choices. 
– Some women do it for the extra dollar, and some do it because of the lack of love from their inside partner. And some for the fun of it. 
– Sexual intercourse is the most basic of all human desires on this planet. The only completely, fatalistically monogamous animal science has been able to identify is a tapeworm found in the intestines of fish. That’s because the male and female worms fuse together at the abdomen and never separate afterward.
– People cheat for three reasons: they are bored with their partner, they are not happy with the sex, or just because they want to. Either way you look at it, it’s the person.
– Lots of women cheat for material gain and to climb the corporate ladder. Some are bold enough to tell you to your face that if you don’t give them what they want they will get it elsewhere.” 
– Women steal love on the side because men don’t do what they are supposed to do. Women need attention. Men give the outsiders all the attention and leave out their partner, so she finds love on the side.
– Women are not much different from men when it comes to satisfying the urge to try something new, even if in the end it is no better than what they get at home. We humans as sexual beings are real foolish, you know.



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