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Pave way for youth


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AS MEMBERS of society, we have a solemn obligation to nurture and train our children as well as create opportunities andpossibilities for them.
Reverend Richard Singh made this clear recently during a service at the New Testament Church of God in Church Village, St Philip, to launch the Anthony Francis-Worrell Scholarship Fund for children of the church.
Taking his main text from Psalm 127, verse 3, and preaching under the theme Creating Possibilities for a Brighter Future, Singh told his audience that “children are a heritage of the Lord” and giftsfrom God to parents, godparents, grandparents, the Church and society.
“Imagine a world without children,” he told his congregation. “Life would be empty, schools unnecessary and homes devoid of laughter.”
He added, “Too often the world is guilty of child abuse. Regularly, we hear of mistreatment, runaways, suicide, delinquency, molestation, and the list goes on.
“Sometimes we are often guilty of another form of abuse; we ignore them. we don’t have time to spend with them. we don’t bother to become involved in their lives. we neglect to attend to their needs and to train them in the things of God.”
    He said children’s future rested on the directions they take and asked those present, “Will they be able to surpass our efforts when we are gone? Have we instilled in them the values that really matter? Will they have the skills and training in the things of God? Are we making the investment in our children so they can have a bright future?”
He reminded parents of their responsibility to protect, provide, care, educate and train their children, according to Proverbs. 22:6 and 13:24, adding that the church must target children as its number one harvest field and create new opportunities and possibilities for them.
President and creator of the fund, attorney-at-law Anthony Francis-Worrell, presented four young awardees with scholarships.
He told those present, including Minister of Education Ronald Jones, that the Scholarship Fund was created following advice from a former law lecturer and his mother Sheldean Croney that he should give something back to society.
According to Francis-Worrell, the fund is currently designed to help children who have recently completed the Eleven Plus Exam and have been attending Sunday School on a regular basis.
He told the awardees, Kyonna Cole, Josiah Greene, Alim Hart and Rhea Holloway, that while opportunities were being created for them the onus was on them to build their brighter futures.
He advised: “To achieve your brighter future there are times when you will have to turn off the TV, put away the video games and start hitting the books. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. There are times when you will fail on your journey to excellence. But the test is never perfection, it’s learning from your mistakes and rising, for you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”
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