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EVERYTHING BUT: Witless wuk-up


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Joan Crawford is absolutely correct. But does the Child Care Board director and her agency have the will and wherewithal to pursue our children’s protection from the depravity of witless adults?
I’ll wager Ms Crawford has the will, but that she will find in the machinery through which she must navigate her passion for children’s rights many a chip. Simply, and bluntly, Bajans have come to like a lot of wutlessness – and not feel any remorse about it.
Dancing, rhythmic and sensual, has given way to the unartistic, obscene, crude, coarse, diabolically unimaginative public simulation of penetrative intercourse between male bovine and contented cow; ram and slovenly sheep; pit bull and loose bitch – images exposed to the children of the nation, and in which they would even be innocent participants.
The SATURDAY?SUN picture of the “child at the centre of lewd adult behaviour” as “amused” onlookers gawked is a case in point. The source of evil, with no callipygian assets and boasting only a scrawny, netted, lean and hungry look, legs and gyrating butt sprawled to the sky, would be intermittently covered by an eager tot, egged on by a male with briefs displayed.
Sadly, there are some Barbadians who see nothing wrong with this indiscriminate act. After all, this is “we culture” and they proceed to blame their “African genes” for this unsavoury taste of Barbadiana.
Truth be told, I have never seen African dancers anywhere simulating in public copulating dogs. African leaders would have none of it.
Over the years exciting wukking up in Barbados has transitioned to humping, to grinding, to jamming, to pooching back, and now to sprawling up à l’enfant. The Child Care Board’s Ms Crawford is “trying to get a feel from either the Director of Public Prosecutions or the Commissioner of Police on what can be done” about this case of lewd abuse of a minor. Ms Crawford intimated the challenge was in identifying the rough-wuk woman and kid – and the child’s male encourager.
Another unacceptable feature of this degeneracy was that among the spectators lining the street were a sizeable number of children themselves. What message will the adults among them have sent their charges by their tacit affirmation of this wickedness in low places?
Minister of Education Ronald Jones is damned right: the “low” culture is getting way out of hand. And I am taking it that he is not making a distinction between “classical” and “pop” music, but between the high road lyric and sensible arrangements across all genres and the smut and dissonance passed off as artistic licence and giving expression to cacophony and the lowest form of displayed enjoyment. For you can get the same discord and stridency with “high culture” as you will with “low”.
That there are too many fetes in Barbados disturbing the peace is without a doubt. Performers don’t play unplugged any more. Most sound engineers are hearing-impaired and even more unable to identify music from noise, being obsessed with the boom and crash of the drum set.
One thing Mr Jones is unquestionably right about: there is much too much “wine and guh down” and “brek and mash up” influencing the lives of our young people. When the Government itself has its public shows, it engages the services of those who “wine and guh down” and “brek and mash up”. The schools do too at their fairs.
So when are we going to draw the line? We know where to already!
Reverend Dr Lucille Baird says of the SATURDAY?SUN wukking up pictures that they are a reflection of a sick and depraved society without morals, values or ethics; of adults with no decency or decorum.
For the preacher, Barbados was experiencing “a new subculture”, under the guise of “we culture”, promoting the decadence and destruction of our youth, and along with it the “sexual abuse of our children – our next generation”.
Dr Baird may be a tad pessimistic; and unreasonably so, if her church is of any meaningful influence in the community. Still, I applaud her stand. There are bigger fish remaining silent on this most disturbing affair.
• Ridley Greene is a Caribbean multi-award-winning journalist.


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