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Be rid of that belly fat


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In Barbados the numbers have swollen. Regrettably men, women and children are dreadfully affected. It is a worrisome eyesore and is haunting us daily.
Some refer to it as beer or manager belly, one big abdominal, being pregnant and ready  to deliver (males) or pot guts.
These are all terms which are brandished around in reference  to a huge fatty tummy. In essence, divinely hidden beneath that ugly excess belly fat are gorgeous abdominals. Thus, those stunning abdominal muscles would be revealed by employing correct exercises, sound nutrition and Barbadian silent doctors.
Your newly revealed abdominals will be referred to as sculpted, jucking-board, six-pack or chiselled. During this month of Independence the focus will be on Abdominals: Pledging An Allegiance With Silent Doctors.
It is about the pride  of nationhood, consuming correct foods and instilling a greater sense  of pride in our physical appearance.
It is said that in Asian women, a waist circumference above 31.5 is considered a health risk.
Fat developed deep in the belly  is very harmful to surrounding vital organs. The experts have warned that the wider a person’s waist, the higher their chances of developing health challenges, including hypertension, heart disease,  cancer, diabetes and strokes.
In a study presented at the  2005 meeting of the Society  for Neuroscience, it was revealed that older people with bigger bellies had worse memory and less  verbal fluency.
Additionally, a European study  of nearly half a million women and men found that, for women,  a waist-to-hip ratio above 0.85  was associated with a 52 per cent increase in colorectal cancer risk.
Sadly, undergoing two major abdominal routines in the past caused me to develop  a psychological fear of strenuously exercising my abdominals.
However, I continue to build up my exercise routine. I am more conscious of who I am and am working assiduously towards sporting a dynamic six-pack by February 2013. So, join me on this weekly holistic crusade to receive sound nutritional advise and recommended exercises.
To achieve this six-pack the main sculpting tools are the chisel (exercise), the mallet (holistic foods and juices), the electric saw (cardio exercises) and the tape measure (remaining focus). So, commence this crusade with sit-up exercises, one hour of cardio exercise daily and consume nettle and dried grapefruit peel tea as starters.
Finally, switching from junk – fatty, sweet, processed, fast and  any unholistic foods – is critical  to removing the excess body fat.  Try steamed fish, baked sweet potatoes or yam with tossed salad.
Next week: Ripping abdominals and silent doctors.
• Annette Maynard-Watson,  a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted at  or call 250-6450
DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe  or make specific health claims for any produts. Any attempt to diagnose and treat real illness  should come under the direction of your health care professional.  

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