Should I stop seeing the drinker?


Dear Christine,
MY BOYFRIEND HAS BEEN OVERSEAS for almost a year now and I am getting pressure from another man who is a drinker, but very good at spending money and taking me out.
His drinking does not make him behave badly. As a matter of fact, he can be very funny. I had only thought of him as a friend but he is getting serious and the situation is confusing my mind.
Another thing is that he has a woman with two children. They do not live together but he looks after his children.
My boyfriend keeps in constant contact with me and will be home in six months.
Do you think that I should stop seeing this man?
– S.W.
Dear S.W.,
Do you love your boyfriend? If you do, why are you encouraging this man to take you out and spend money on you – money that he should probably be spending on his children?
If you truly love your boyfriend and plan on sharing a future with him, then you should stop carrying on this game with this man who already has a fair share of responsibilities on his shoulders.
How would you feel if you were to discover that your boyfriend was fooling around with someone else?
Loneliness for attention and love can cause us to make bad choices. You need to stay focused. Stop seeing this man and clean up your act in time for your boyfriend’s return.


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