Threat to Bajan judge Carlisle Greaves


HAMILTON, Bermuda – A 43-year-old woman has been remanded in custody after she allegedly commented on a newspaper website that someone should assault Supreme Court judge Carlisle Greaves.
Carolyn Drover denied soliciting or attempting to procure someone to assault Justice Greaves, a 57-year-old Barbadian, while he was on duty, because of a sentence he imposed.
Additionally, Drover, who appeared in Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, was also charged with soliciting or attempting to procure someone to assault the judge on January 25.
The defendant allegedly posted a comment below an online Royal Gazette newspaper story. She allegedly wrote that someone should assault Justice Greaves and posted his address.
Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner adjourned the matter until April 10 before remanding Drover in custody.
Attorney Charles Richardson argued Drover should not be remanded in custody but the magistrate told him “anyone who threatens a Supreme Court judge in this jurisdiction or in any jurisdiction shouldn’t be allowed to walk around freely until the court decides if they are guilty
“The very nature of the charge, the enticement of somebody to assault someone else says if she’s granted bail, she’s likely to commit another offence.”
Richardson suggested the daily newspaper should also be in court facing charges.
Warner said if the Gazette was brought before him, he would deal with it.
Justice Greaves was appointed a Supreme Court judge there eight years ago. (CMC)


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