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WILD COOT: An unbiblical cord


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PERHAPS IT WOULD have gone unnoticed if I did not have my new glasses. Did I read it right that the Trinidad Government was considering taking over the shares in C L Financial Ltd? But ‘don’t’ C L Financial Ltd own Republic Bank? And Clico? Then Trinidad would own Barbados.
Wild Coot, you like sophistry too bad.
But there is a measure of truth in this deduction when you puzzle together the facts. Trinidad dominates the oil and power supplies to Barbados including the low-grade diesel; Trinidad dominates the food supplies, (except when we had lots of Guyanese here supplying agricultural products and consuming – we chased them away, now they may be doing better in Guyana).
They were big in the hotel and tourism industry; they are big in the building industry supplying cement, pipes and matches; they are big in the car and car parts industry. The Government even borrows from Trinidad at high interest rates.
If the Government of Trinidad is going to own C L Financial Ltd, it will own Republic Bank, First Citizens Bank, plus other financial institutions in Barbados … As well as the obligations of C L Financial Ltd in Barbados?
The Wild Coot once suggested that Trinidad be given a seat in Parliament representing Tobago for which we were once responsible.
As a matter of fact this might cause serious confusion with the 16-14 tetanus split as the seat might represent a casting vote. Add to all of this an umbilical cord in the form of a proposed gas pipeline, and the coitus would be complete, not interrupted.
Imagine the pumping action. We would be pregnant with gas. We would have to use the gas as fertilizer in our going green confinement.
Surely our forefathers did not envisage this when they designed the Treaty of Chaguaramas. However, one never knows what kind of pot of gold lies at the end of a rainbow. Can we perhaps expand the mandate of the ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Uncle Bobby?
With his penchant for rodomontade verbiage when the occasion is festive, he would at least be able to place Barbados in an advantageous position and save our fisherfolk from threatening danger and secure the continuing flourishing of our national dish.
So you see, that little paragraph appearing almost unnoticed in the DAILY NATION of March 11, 2013 can have far reaching consequences. Imagine the symbiosis of Barbados in a triple state with Trinidad and Tobago and a joint management with Prime Ministers Kamla and Freundel saying ‘cheers’. Whaloss!
One country is reputed to be among the most corrupt in the world and the other the least corrupt. One country rated among the most indebted and hypocritical; the other with money coming out of its ears.
Look at the hullabaloo about Spartacus, did it not exist for years? Look at the noise about gambling, and gamblers are at the forefront at condemning the entry of casinos.
Wild Coot chimed in a lady, “Why do you not comment further on the gold snatching business that is rampant in the island? You had your experience. You think it is fair? I buy my expensive jewellry and you telling me that I can’t wear it.
Then telling me that it is illegal for the people to come to my house and bargain with me, yet I see them advertising in the papers. It seems to be an asinine law. However “duppy know who to frighten”. Barbados will lose it’s reputation as a healthy and safe destination – another nail in its coffin. A friend of mine asked, “did we not have buying and selling of gold for donkey’s ‘ears in Bubadus’.”
Speaking about coffins, “didn’t’ the Medium Plan Strategy enjoy another nail with the Estimates (a mishmash, a hodgepodge, a farrago), and the first quarter returns?” I am waiting to see how the figures balance, or aren’t they supposed to balance. Is the Estimates just that – estimates?
• Harry Russell is a banker. Email


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