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Mr Positive another big mistake


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MOST OF US can name someone in our life who is “forever negative” and often leaves us feeling depressed after a talk with them. That was the type of man I was involved with.
No matter what I came to him with, he tended to be suspicious of those involved and always saw the worst.
I guess I was wrestling so much with my concern about that behaviour that when I met a handsome guy who had moved into my district, I was instantly attracted to him.
Though we were both involved in relationships, we were neighbours and our partners lived a distance away, so we became really good friends.
As I was seeing him almost every day and he was so positive, I couldn’t help but be drawn to him. He said the nicest things to me and was always upbeat. He was like a breath of fresh air.
Began cheating
If that wasn’t enough, we shared the same interests and he was fun to be around. But as he, like me, had someone, I tried not to get too close. I figured that he would never leave his girlfriend – a really pleasant person whom I had met a few times – for me.
So despite my boyfriend’s negativity, I hung in there with him. But the more I saw my friend, the more we both wanted each other.
Then something wonderful happened. My boyfriend, Mr Negative, began cheating on me with a woman who started harassing me all the time. I immediately split with my boyfriend.
I then spent all my time with Mr Positive. So when my ex-boyfriend thought I was home pining behind him, I was having a really great time with my lover.
Apparently, Mr Positive wasn’t having the same amount of fun with his girlfriend. She was beginning to get suspicious, and was accusing him of having another woman.
I suppose I couldn’t blame her. I would feel the same way if my man had suddenly lost all interest in making love to me.
It all came to a head one day when I was at his home. We were just chillin’, and having a few drinks. But you can guess what was on both our minds.
Imagine our surprise when she turned up on his doorstep. She had only just called, supposedly from the office, to say she would be late.  
I said nothing but she carried on. I left as I thought they needed to work out their problems, but Mr Positive ran behind me and took me home. It felt so good to see how much he cared.
It was then he said he loved me. I felt on top of the world. For the first time in my life I felt that though I had started out wrong – by cheating – I was going to end right.
For the next few months I was extremely happy. I had a man who was handsome, treated me well and was great in bed. What more could a woman ask for?
I thought things couldn’t get better; but they did. I started feeling nauseous and as I had missed my period I believed I could have been pregnant.
This was a big deal because his ex-girlfriend never wanted children but he had always wanted a child. So you could imagine how happy he was at the possibility.
He gave me money to see the doctor, but that same day my period came and when I told him, he was devastated.I was upset too because I wanted to make him as happy as he had made me.
After that there was a lull in our relationship. He started making excuses to get out of seeing me; he even started coming home late. Though I tried to encourage him to talk, even that did not work; he just became distant.
One day I went to a job interview. I knew it was his off day, so I showed up at his home. He was not there, so I waited in the verandah. When he finally arrived, he was shocked to see me. He told mehe couldn’t talk to me then as he had to rush out.
It was clear he was trying to get rid of me; I soon found out why.
His door opened and his supposed ex girlfriend was standing there. She was inside the house and had heard our voices.
He was clearly flustered. He told me to get into the car and he drove me home.
I was mad, and told him to go home to her. I was shattered because I could not believe that after all we shared, he could have done that to me.
For weeks I walked around in a daze. I refused his calls.
I wrote him out of my life.
Since then I haven’t been with another man as I don’t want to be hurt again. I guess when you start wrong, you really end wrong.


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