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AWRIGHT DEN: Don’t limit yourself!


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Allow me to start today’s article by expressing my appreciation to all those who take the time each week to read this column. I am also grateful and pleased to receive your warm, truthful and encouraging emails about these articles.
To those individuals who meet me in the supermarket or at the gas station or by the hot dog cart or in the bank line and encourage me to keep up the good work, I thank you. To those who disagree with my positions on a topic and email me to share your opposition and engage in good clean discussion, I thank you also.
It is quite amazing how 700 words each week have encouraged so many people here in Barbados, across the region and in Britain, the United States and Canada. This may be a surprise to you, but these articles have mended relationships between parents, in-laws and children; saved marriages; encouraged people to start businesses; motivated others to move out on their own; helped some to recommit their lives to God; and inspired others to join the faith. Some people were encouraged to seek professional counselling to address specific situations in their lives and based on reports I have received, have seen some breakthrough.
It pleases my heart when students I do not teach come to me during the week and express their joy at reading the past week article. The first time it occurred I was quite shocked because it was a student in second form.  Some students have even used information from the articles in their projects.
These articles have provided me the opportunity to meet some wonderful individuals and families. They have also created opportunities for me to sit on various panels and be a speaker at various forums. Let me take this opportunity to thank Kaymar Jordan for giving me this opportunity some two and a half years ago.
Sometime last week I was in the supermarket taking note of some healthier alternatives to some of the foods I eat. A lady walked up to me and asked, “Are you who I think you are?” I responded, “It depends on who you think I am.” She smiled and asked if I was Corey Worrell, the guy who writes the column in the paper. I said, “Yes, I am.” The lady smiled and said she enjoyed reading the article weekly wanted me to keep up the good work.
Last Tuesday, after the 11-Plus examination, I was standing outside the principal’s office discussing two questions from the mathematics paper with some teachers and a parent. (I must say that I have seen questions like those two on CXC practice papers.) While speaking to one of the parents, she called one of the primary school teachers present to join the discussion.
I introduced myself to the gentleman as Corey Worrell and he immediately started to smile and asked if I am the Mr Worrell who writes in the paper. I confirmed it and he proceeded to share his pleasure in reading the articles and encouraged me to keep up the good work.
There are countless other stories that I can share with you but space would not permit.
When I started to write today’s article, this wasn’t what I had planned to write on. Nonetheless, I believe there is a message here for someone. I was a horrible English student at school and continued to struggle with the subject at Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies. Based on performance alone, no one would have chosen me to write a column.
I want to encourage you not to limit yourselves or place yourself in a box. When you function in your weaknesses and are successful, the only person you can give the glory to is God. I see myself as a part of a movement that is positively impacting the world through words. Someone saw potential in me and through it many have been blessed. I encourage you to see the potential in others and help them to develop it.
To quote Israel Houghton: “Remember, the thing which you are a part of is more important than the part in which you play.”
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth ambassador.


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