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Listening in on the VIPs


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IF YOU’RE A very important person, chances are that your telephone calls could have been targeted at some time in the past two years.
Cou cou understands there is a document stating this. It is signed by reputable people and has been lodged in a place where such sensitive documents are stored.
The 16-page document states the names of some of those whose phones were believed to be targets. And it notes that the eavesdropping contravened the Telecommunications Act, Cap. 282B, section 82.
The big question now is what, if anything, will be done or can be done about the revelations contained in this document.
For sure, it authenticates the suggestions of public complaints in the recent past by several high profile people of suspected phone tappings.
Beware of the slumlord
TENANTS desperate for a house should beware of a St Michael landlord who wears her hair in big plaits.
Tenants are moving in and out of a house in a St Michael district as if it were a revolving door.
The problem is the mean old landlord, or should we say slum lord, who has a modus operandi of trying to defraud her tenants.
Her latest victim was a poor old woman whom she tried to collect rent from twice in one month.
She ordered the tenant to leave the house after she told her that because she was old that did not mean that she had amnesia or dementia.
They want to know
PEOPLE IN A very important industry want to know if there is more in the mortar than the pestle in a certain big purchase.
They’re asking if the real beneficiary will be the general public, or if particular people may be the biggest beneficiaries?
They want to know if the move could have anything to do with ensuring certain people did not have to tie up their cash by a big purchase, but would instead use their funds to manage what was purchased?
The people asking these questions are very upset because they feel what is being sold as a great deal actually facilitates an opportunity for particular persons.
Got the job, but no papers
AT A CENTRALLY located institution, the staff are all in a quandary as to how a situation could ever have happened.
Apparently, a person who was hired for a senior management position and was touted as being the best person for the job, due to their extensive tertiary qualifications, has been exposed as a fraud.
Since February, this manager has been unable to produce these so-called qualifications which ironically were needed to validate a pending promotion. But to add insult to injury, after all of this was discovered this individual is still being allowed to manage a critical department. Other employees are reeling because they want to know if friendship now determines how you move up the corporate ladder.
Steer clear of the track
A CERTAIN VETERAN has been told to show his interest in running at the seniors athletics games and steer clear of the political track.
Though a consistent winner, this man is being seen more and more as a hindrance than a help to his team.
In fact, members of the team told Cou cou that this man rarely turns up to practice, and sometimes when he does put in an appearance, he does so minutes before the lunch break. He stays long enough to be noticed, eats, and then disappears again.
Those who are concerned about the team are saying this man has much to offer, but would be better doing such from the stands rather as a competitor on the team.

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