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Want her back, but too proud


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I AM WRITING THIS because I would like all men to be careful with their relationships and not make the mistake I made.
I had a woman for three years but we are no longer together – yet I still love her.
She was very jealous, but when you love you will be jealous. She would follow me to see where I was going when I left work. I caught her twice and she said she would not do it again. But she did, so I left her.
I love that woman so much. I was very happy in that relationship. All my friends thought it was a perfect match though she is ten years older than I am. Even her children I like a lot. The two of them never disrespected me. If they were eating anything, they would share it with me before they shared it with her – we got along that well.
Unfortunately, I gave my partner up for someone I hardly know. That’s why I keep asking myself if I should have done that just because she did something I didn’t like.
To be honest, I want to be with this woman I am dealing with now, but I do not want my ex to be with anyone. I want her to wait for me.
I do not love this woman I am with now. I do not even know why I am here when my ex loves me so much. I think about my ex all the time. I sleep at this woman almost every night but I am not happy. Men, if you had a good woman, go back – do not be too proud.
If she looks in your phone, clear the messages before you get in the house. If you have another woman, let her respect your woman. Never disown your cook.
If a woman has something for you, whether you have a woman or not, she will still give you. Life is short, so be happy. I was talking to the woman I have for a few months now. Sex is good.
 Up to this day when I call my ex she still cries. She told me she wants me back and that I can still have this woman. She even called me and askedme if to wait, but I told her to move on and she cried. I have never been loved so much by anyone in my life.
 I am 40 years of age and my ex is 50 years old; my lady friend is closer to my age. I miss my ex but I am too proud to go back. My ex would wash, cook, press, help me clean my car, buy my clothes, give me sex for “breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between” and I left her because she followed me when she said she would not do it again.
Yes, I was involved with other women but for the money only. Now I am so sorry. I want my ex back but pride has me. My ex was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved her more than I ever loved anyone.
She has been laid off from work, but when she was working, my car would get filled with gas on pay day – that meant I could keep my money in my pocket. She loved me so much that when I told her it was over she cried and cried. I refused to give her a chance because I had given her a lot.
When she lost her job, it played on me. I wanted a woman that was working the same way I was. When I got home from work my food was always hot.
Men hold on to what you know. You know what you had, but not what you will pick up.


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