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Cellphone tax may be coming


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IT SEEMS BAJANS’ love for talking has finally caught up with them. From what Cou Cou is hearing, a move is afoot to make them pay taxes for the use of their cellphones.
This talk tax was first proposed by late Prime Minister David Thompson but was never implemented. Now it has been reported to us that his protégé’s people had serious discussions with those in the industry on how best this measure could be efficiently executed to ensure maximum earnings.
If this happens, as insiders are whispering to Cou Cou, it could realize quite a few million dollars since there are estimated to be an average of two cellphones per person in Barbados today.
Cou Cou has been told that this is just one of several money-raising measures the Minister of Finance plans to come with on Tuesday when he brings his much-anticipated Budget.
As for the thousands of non-appointed public sector workers fearing layoff, it appears they have nothing to worry about – at least not yet. Instead, a three-day or four-day week schedule is being seriously considered.
Toothless lion
IS A PLOT being hatched in official circles to harness a certain entity, once thought to be a lion? And if this is so, how high up the hierarchy is this move coming from?
Is there any truth that a select group of individuals said that the lion, now old and battle-weary, can now only roar but has few teeth left to bite?
Is it accurate, as some are suggesting, that the old lion can only muster a third of the support of the animal kingdom that he once claimed?
Is this why the lion intends to stand apart from all others to assess his future?
Will he use this opportunity to gather young blood to his cause and then strike out? Or will he just keep his distance while remaining indignant about losing any more territory?
Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding drama.
Workers want action
SOME INDIVIDUALS are no longer making sport with their management. They want a reversal of a certain decision that has affected two of their members and are pushing their union to ensure they get what they want.
From what Cou Cou is being told, the group intends to down tools soon if management does not get back to their union on the matter.
A spokesman for the group saidsince a meeting on the issue, two new top dogs have come on board, and this may have stalled the process. But the workers want action now. Be warned!
Waiting game
PEOPLE ARE WONDERING who will be the boss when two entities merge soon. They suggest this is going to be a major issue.
They are concerned too that the move would confirm that both bodies are indeed the mouthpieces of their paymasters, even though one likes to portray itself as credible and balanced.
Already one is packed up and ready to move into the building of the other, but the future merger is still very much a puzzle.
Messengers blue
GOVERNMENT’S MESSENGERS have been given a stern warning – cut back on toilet paper, printing paper and the use of electricity and water or they will be cut.
This has not gone down well with the hard-working staff who have been faithfully delivering Government’s messages even though they are holed up in a condemned building right next door to where all of the action happens.
Apparently, upset workers want to know if they are the Government’s mouthpiece why is it that their cries are not being heard.

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