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Church woman with ‘double life


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THE CONGREGATION of a St Michael church is fedup with the disgusting behaviour of a long-time female member who has been leading a gay lifestyle for several years.
The woman is usually overheard condemning people in the church both during and after service.
But members of the church want her to stop judging others and remember that she used to live in a house with a woman for years, after destroying the woman’s marriage.
They are also very aware that she gives young girls large sums of money to sleep with her.
Church members are crying shame on this woman, who recently celebrated her birthday, because these young girls are walking around criticizing her, saying she is a big sinner hiding out in the church.
A scorned woman
A MAN’S WEAKNESS for sweetness has landed a certain professional in hot water.
This man, who is married, prided himself on doing everything right and safe to ensure his fooling around on the side would never be detected. So he used condoms, had a rented room, and paid for everything that he “sampled”.
He figured that by doing this nothing would stick to him or his revered reputation. So he would never have to worry about any woman calling his wife telling her about the goings-on, or worse, contracting an infection.
But all of the precautions came to nought this Crop Over when he was out with his wife recently and one of the women he fools around with saw him.
She was apparently tipsy when she asked him for money for a taxi to get home. He, of course, refused her request. So the woman told him and everyone within earshot, including his wife, never to call her again and come around looking for “sweetness” no matter how much he was willing to pay.  
Check yourself!
PEOPLE WHO LIME in a City district are saying that a malicious needleworker should stitch up her big mouth and stop minding everybody’s business.
Apparently, she does not realize that the reason why her neighbours don’t like her is because she is malicious and extremely unmannerly to boot.
They want this woman to stop focusing on other people and to look out for her “grudgeful-minded” daughter with the locks who can’t keep a man and her other “poor-great” daughter who was sleeping with a certain politician and got dumped after several years.
She should also check for her petite granddaughter who is a private call girl.
 Laughing stock
WHAT WAS a certain high-flying socialite thinking when she stepped out on Grand Kadooment Day flashing some of her expensive items?
She was spotted jumping in a band waving a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and a $500 bottle of champagne in the other.
Revellers were laughing at her ridiculousness. Even her silly attempt to hide her growing waistline in spandex failed miserably.
Moonlighters, beware!
SOME PEOPLE who work in a health institution had better get their lives in order quickly.
Apparently, management has been investigating some who are sneaking out of the institution during work hours to moonlight at supermarkets and nightclubs.
From what we heard, because of their absence the poor nurses ahad to step in and deal with moving patients to and fro.

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