OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Some workers just don’t care


We talk a lot in Barbados these days about training for workers in the public and private sectors, but the question that must be asked is whether some of those workers are trainable.
The truth is, unless workers understand their role and function in any business or organization, we are wasting our time.
In Barbados, there is much talk about public sector reform but I do not see it because some employees treat the public as though they are rubbish.
You can train them, but if the workers are not prepared to put that training into practice, again, we are wasting time. This applies not only to the public sector, but the private sector as well.
On Kadooment Day, while I was on my way to watch the bands, I stopped at a business place and asked the attendant if that company carried a certain product from a certain manufacturer.
I was very polite but the attendant did not answer my question – even after some time. The attendant said: “I heard you.”
And that was the end of my stay!
Who management puts at the front of their business is very important because first impressions count. More businesses in Barbados should learn from Chefette Restaurants Ltd, which has some very beautiful and polite workers up front.


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