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Got tired of his nasty fantasies


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PORNOGRAPHY IS DESTROYING marriages in this country, and if the Government cares so much about families, as it always keeps saying, then it needs to do something about the easy access people have to this filth on the Internet.
The Government should also clean up Bush Hill  and the other areas where prostitutes openly sell sex as this encourages married men to fulfill their fantasies and ignore their wives and families.
I am a victim. And though I don’t know any other women who went through what I went through, I am sure that I am not the only woman in Barbados who has suffered because of these two things.
I had to leave my husband because I could not  take his demands for anal and oral sex anymore.
I had to leave him because he used to disrespect me by going to prostitutes to get these nasty things done to him.
I had to leave my husband, too, because I could no longer take on his demands for me to keep noise and talk “dirty” to him while we had sex. I never  did that and don’t think such things are necessary  for the enjoyment of sex. But men want these things because that’s what the actresses do.
What hurts me most about leaving my husband is that I still remember the man I first met, fell in love with, and married. He was a real sweet, gentle guy who would do anything for you. He was not demanding sexually either and we shared a beautiful life together. But it was somebody he met who introduced him  to blue movies and, because of the easy access  to them, he got hooked.
From the time he started on them, I realized a change in him. At first he would ask me about doing some crazy positions and then he suggested trying both anal and oral sex. When I showed no interest in doing any of the sort he started getting rough in bed and becoming demanding. So immediately our sex life went down the tubes as I would not stand for that.
That was when he began going to prostitutes. I know this because he told me if I was not willing  to give him what he wanted, he would get it otherwise.
This thing went on for about two months before I could not take his behaviour anymore and moved out. Do you have any idea what it is like living in a house with someone whom you love, but who is only consumed with sex, sex, sex as if that is the beginning and end of everything?
I went through hell with my husband, and I must tell you, what he put me through was the worst feeling in the world.
I blame it all on pornography and easy access  to women who sell sex. Government should help  good women like me by doing something drastic  to clean up the Internet and jailing prostitutes. They  need to do something fast before more marriages and relationships break up because of this nastiness.


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