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ALTAR CALL: Time for men to step up


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MEN HAVE BEEN CALLED on to rule their families, take authority and establish order in their homes.
Speaking last week at Kingdom Builders Assembly, St Patricks, Christ Church, visiting minister Apostle Dr Kenneth Niles of Kingdom International Prayer and Praise Ministry told the congregation headed by Pastors Collis and Clarestine Chase that establishing kingdom living on earth was necessary in order to carry out God’s plan for believers.
He stressed that men have a significant role to play and must also know how to establish their masculinity. Among other things, Niles called on Christian men to take their rightful place as men in their homes and establish purpose as head of the household.
“The man must not exchange his authority. He must understand the family structure the way God sees it,” Niles said.
He said just as a man must leave his parents and cleave unto his wife, those who are part of God’s kingdom must leave the world behind them and cleave unto God, becoming one flesh with Him. This too, he said, was necessary to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.
“Each of us must understand why we are here on earth and establish God’s kingdom in its right context. Adam bowed to the flesh when he should have been establishing purpose and spirit. It is still in God’s mind to bring order. We can enter the kingdom through the word,” Niles preached.
As he urged wives to be supportive of their husbands and not to speak against the Spirit of God, Niles added: “The kingdom of God is within us and we are restoring the kingdom through our [day-to-day] activity.
We as believers must reign. We must open our mouths and reign and rule on earth. We have the authority to keep order and establish rule in our environment by the rule of the spirit,” Niles explained.
Stressing that God still rules in His kingdom despite Lucifer’s uprising, he added: “There is no room for doing our own thing in God’s kingdom. Instead, we must be kingdom-builders [of the same mind and spirit] carrying out God’s mandate in the earth as He indicated. Denomination is not important but the preaching of who God is is significant.
“Sometimes in the kingdom we still want to be selfish – it’s about me and what I can do. But real kingdom people look out for each other’s needs,” Niles said.
He challenged his listeners to recognize that God never did anything on His own as He has always encouraged fellowship, and pointed out that when Lucifer rebelled against God and sought worship for himself, he too could not fellowship on his own, so he took one-third of the angels with him.
Niles said fellowship has always been significant to God and with the Kingdom of God within those who are true believers, that which was lost has now been found.
He said: “It is not enough to come to church when one is invited,” but one must do so with a plan and purpose; not just to “window-shop.”
He also called on the congregation to be the light of the world.
“The moment we see darkness, we [who are believers] must recognize there is no light and do something about it. We who are kingdom people should make sure there is no darkness. We should be the light of the world,” he added.
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