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Cupcake creations


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Allison Pollard has turned a lifelong love of cooking and baking into a new business enterprise which she hopes will keep her in the mix.
How did you get started?
I started in the kitchen learning from my aunts and grandmother who have now passed on. I always had a unique interest in baking and have fond memories of preparing fruit for Christmas great cake with them.
Some of the items were sold to various people in the community who found out via word of mouth how exceptionally tasty their baked goods were.
In carrying out the legacy, I continued the baking tradition. I started with it as a hobby, occasionally making different baked goods for family and friends. Realizing my keenness and knack, they encouraged me to go further.
Do you make them for a livelihood?
I have a full-time job, which I started before I got into baking cupcakes for my business Whimsy Treats. The business is constantly growing and I plan to eventually make it my livelihood.
Do you have a business (registered or otherwise)?
Whimsy Treats is the registered name, with mini cupcakes as our main product offering. The business has been registered for one year now.
How old are you?
I am 29 years old but I have been baking with my family since early childhood years.
Where did you go to school/college and is this something you like and studied at school/college? Did you have formal training? How did you develop the skill?
I attended Harrison College, BCC and BIMAP.
I was never formally trained in baking. However, to become more skilled at decorating, I took classes with a prominent baker and the rest is me expressing my creativity and ideas. My programmes of study (accounting and marketing) have helped with the business skills required to develop Whimsy Treats
What’s your clientele?
My clientele started with my female friends and family. Having my cupcakes displayed and being tasted at some of the different functions they attended, my name quickly spread via other females through word of mouth. Soon my cupcakes were being bought by friends of friends from all age groups and continued onwards. From children’s parties to special events, I love putting that inevitable smile on people’s faces when they see and taste my cupcakes
Do you bake other types of cakes and pastries?
The main offering of Whimsy Treats is fun and exciting mini cupcakes. However, I spend a lot of time being creative with other goodies. At the moment, I stay within the general product range. Other types I have been creative with are muffins, cheesecake and gluten-free cupcakes, just to name a few. Who knows what’s next?
Where do you see yourself gong from here with this skill, let’s say, ten years from now?
Becoming a familiar household brand, helping to celebrate life’s events one treat at a time.
Do you teach anyone how to bake these little treats?
I have younger family members who are also interested in the baking and decorating process. So I show them things in much the same manner as I was taught when I was growing up in the kitchen with my aunts and grandmother.
What other things take up your time and interest?
I also have a passion for fashion and creativity. When I’m not working or planning the next step, quality time is spent with family and friends.
Are you married? Do you have any children?
At the moment my focus is on building my business, but who knows what the future holds?


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