Woman loses home to fire


A woman, still recovering from surgery, lost her home in an early morning fire yesterday.
Sandra Graham, 55, was staying with relatives when she got word that her home in Padmore Village, St Thomas, was ablaze. The uninsured two-bedroom house burnt flat despite the efforts of responding firefighters.
Graham lived in the house since 1990 and even though she was staying with relatives, she returned to check it on Saturday.
Neighbour Lorraine Walker said that about 4:30 a.m. as she was about to go the washroom, she realized her bedroom was hot and her curtains looked as though they would “light up”.
“When I push my bedroom window and look out I see the house engulfed in flames below here . . . .  I turn and I shout for my two sons, Roberts and Stephen, and tell them Sandra house burning,” she said.
Windows on the side closest to the fire were cracked, but a grateful Walker said it could have been worse.
“But I am thankful that it wasn’t worse because I could have lost my house as well,” she added. (AC)


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