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Politicians de ones dividin’ we


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Recently Caricom “celebrated” 40 years; I don’t know too many people who joined de “celebration” of this important regional body. In fact, a friend of mine called it 40 wasted years.
I is a Caribbean man. I believe in the oneness thing and I also believe dat de only way we gine mek it in de world is when we realize dat de only chance we got is as a collective.
A taxi driver in Georgetown tell de Vendor two years ago dat Caricom don’t do nothing fuh de ordinary man; dat de big boys does just come to town, dress up in suits, go to plenty luncheons and dinners and dat nothing don’t happen.
Ah feel de frustration muh brudder – it tek de CCJ to confirm dat Miss Myrie had a right to come to Bubbadus and yet TnT doing de same thing by sending back nuff Jamaicans.
It is not we de people, it is de politicians dat keeping we apart. We de people did integrating long time but de fellas we elect don’t want to surrender any power. Every man want he own anthem, flag, airplane and ambassador in London.
How come big countries like England, Canada and Australia could share missions overseas but de Caribbean got more ambassadors and high commissioners in London per head of population than any other region of de world? How come we can’t share a mission and reduce costs? How many ambassadors we got in China and wha dem does do every day other than drink wanton soup, learn Mandarin or eat dem?
Every Saturday morning de Vendor does be in the Cheapside Market. It is a melting pot of Caribbean people, integrated, wukking side by side, in harmony, de way it should be. Bajans like Coral and she son Mike, wukking longside Lucians, Guyanese, Dominicans, Vincies and others. It is where I does get dasheen, honey, coconut oil plus de fresh meats from Mr Forde and he children in de air-conditioned section of the market. It is an experience of Caribbean unity at work.
My first serious girlfriend was a Lucian; she teach me things dat I never dream ’bout and trust me, I used to have plenty dreams as a teenager. Come to think of it, de second girlfriend was also Lucian. I had relationships wid Trinis, Guyanese, Jamaicans; leh we just leave it there cause I know some malicious people gine start to count and miss de point I trying to mek.
I am blessed wid Caribbean family and friendships dat last my lifetime. My closest friends come from or live in de region. We might have different accents but we are more alike than not and have de same experiences and passions.
We got things dat does wuk. The Caribbean Broadcasting Union been in operation since 1970, forged out of a vision dat recognized that in order to become one, we needed a regional media institution to drive de vision. The University of the West Indies is a shining example of how a united region can operate. West Indies cricket ruled de world fuh nearly two decades (forget de present cause muh argument gine fall down dey).
It is time fuh we to tell de politicians stop trying to divide we – join de CCJ, mek Caricom work, become one region and let we voices be heard in de world. My only challenge is which currency we gine use: Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaican, Bubbadus, OECS. Nuh worries, de fellas done agree, is US dollars fuh we.
 I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?


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