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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Prison not scaring youth


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WHILE LISTENING and viewing the Evening News on the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), I saw something that had me a bit confused.
At one time I thought it was from the past, when my uncles and aunts were going to England or the United States in those early days. During that time they left from Seawell Airport (now the Grantley Adams International Airport) by
Pan-Am, British Overseas Airwaves Corporation (BOAC), KLM or Air Canada and from the Deep Water Harbour by boat.
Relatives and family members would go upstairs in the balcony to wish them goodbye and as they entered the plane they would wave back and shake their hands to say goodbye. It was a time for great crying and not laughter.
In those days it was felt that one would never see relatives or loved ones again. But those days have changed because people are going to England and the United States for holidays often.
It was not a scene from that era, but rather it was a scene of some young men who were boarding a prison bus after they were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds. As they boarded the bus they were waving and shaking to friends and family members. I could not help but ask myself if what I saw was for real or was I dreaming? It was unbelievable, for it has left us with many questions but not answers.
What were those people saying to our young people? Is prison a place to go? Is it all right to be involved in crime? Is it a place to be proud of? It only shows that some of our young people just do not care and are not afraid of prison. What a pity? What are we going to do with these young people? These days right is wrong and wrong is right.
Personally the word prison would kill me and since it would kill me, I do those things that are right and lawful.
The whole situation has left one only to ask the question – is our educational system failing us? I think so and I must make it clear that it has nothing to do with our hard-working teacher who are giving of their best in our schools.
It just is a case of, you can take a cow to the well to get water but you cannot make it drink.


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