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Ramona fit to be champ


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IT MIGHT BE a little known fact, but Barbados has a new world fitness champion.

Beauty bombshell Ramona Ramjit-Munoz earned first place and her pro card in the Diva Bikini Model 35+ competition at the World Beauty Fitness And Fashion (WBFF) competition held at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas on August 15 and 16.

​Founded by Paul and Allison Dillett, WBFF is a premier international fitness show, attracting competitors from across the globe. There are various categories in the contest, including Diva Bikini Model (Tall and Short), Diva Fitness Model (Tall and Short), Male Fitness and Muscle Model, along with the professional leagues.

“I was extremely happy with the package I brought to the stage, but I was definitely shocked when they called my name,” she told EASY via telephone.

​“I was happy with being in the top 10 and then the top five was called and I got even more excited . . . . All of a sudden they called my name as the winner, and I think my facial expression said it all. I didn’t expect it at all!”

But what makes her win even sweeter was that she earned it the healthy way.

As a former “pageant girl” in Barbados, Ramona was first attracted to fitness and competition in 2012 to have another time to shine on stage “in her prime years”.

The model, who moved to America a decade ago, admitted under-eating and overworking was her initial modus operandi: “That really takes a toll on your body and it is really hard to maintain that and I didn’t like it . . . . I was doing two hours of cardio every day and depriving myself [of certain foods] and that didn’t feel right for me.

“ . . . When I first started, I would ‘cheat’ for 12 weeks. I would deprive myself of the food my body was craving and when you finally have it, it is hard to stop.”

Ramona changed her fitness regimen and began working with trainer Kevin Myles last year, to much healthier and happier results.

“He showed me that there was a healthier way to get results if I put in the work and have patience. I eat much ​more food, my cardio is minimal and my workouts are awesome. My fitness journey is more enjoyable and it has definitely become my lifestyle. I work 40 hours and it is hard to fit in the workouts and get the food in but this is easier for me. You just have to learn a lot of patience. That is the hard part, but it paid off.”

It’s a lesson the 5’5” woman wanted to share with especially Caribbean women who wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

“I would love to let the Caribbean women know there is a healthy way to maintain the curves because I love my curves and I still want to be fit. It is hard to see women who want to lose weight and they get really skinny and become unhealthy and they don’t look happy . . .,” she said.

The wife and “mother” to French Bulldog, Dexter, also shared some titbits from her fitness journey:

1. The scale is not your friend.

​“It is the worst thing you can look at. My average weight is around 140. Muscle weighs more than fat. How I train is to replace my not-so-good fat with some muscle. It is the way your clothes fit that charts your progress, not the scale.

2. “Find something that works with your lifestyle and your body type”.

3. A quickie is not the answer: If you want long term results, you have to put in the work. You did not put on the weight overnight, so why do a crash-diet to lose the weight in two or three days?

4. Ladies, Don’t be afraid of the weight(s): We can’t get bulky like men do just like that. Try to lift with a weight that would challenge you but would still allow you can still keep good form. Perhaps get a few personal training sessions to learn correct form.

Along with being a model and fitness competitor, Ramona is also a Beleza Beauty Fitness model and a Top Secret Nutrition-sponsored athlete – as well as holding down her fulltime job as a Stay Well representative at MGM Grand hotel. She is clearly showing no signs of slowing down or aging for that matter.

“Why should I? I am still breathing and healthy I will continue!” she added with a laugh. Catch up with Ramona at @bajanramona on Instagram, where she shares her fitness journey and healthy doses of love for her homeland.





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