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David Beckham’s fashion shift


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NEW YORK (AP) – Getting a family of six out the door on time can be quite a challenge – even when you’re a Beckham.

“With me and the boys, five minutes. With Harper it’s a lot more of a process and obviously with Victoria,” said the former soccer star today at an event for his fashion collaboration with British brand Belstaff.

“You see her (Harper) every morning getting her clothes out for school or you know changing her mind like 20 times.”

The famous family has made a name in fashion with Victoria Beckham’s high-end collection, which showed Sunday at New York Fashion Week, and sons Romeo, 12, and Brooklyn, 15, gracing magazine covers and Burberry ads. (The couple also have a 9-year-old son, Cruz.)

But it turns out that three-year-old Harper is the one calling the shots when it comes to Beckham’s personal style.

“She will come into my dressing room and she’ll be like, ‘Daddy, wear those shoes with those jeans’. You know she’s got her own kind of mind and her own character already. So it’s great,” he said.

Beckham said he lent much more than his name to the six-piece capsule collection that includes leather motorcycle jackets (US$1 950), a pair of distressed jeans ($395) and a classic, white T-shirt ($95).

“I have always been involved 110 per cent,” Beckham said. “People know that it’s what I would wear and that’s why people have loved the collection the way they have.”

The 39-year-old also partnered with Belstaff and photographer Peter Lindbergh on a limited-edition, coffee-table book.

The former England captain says he’s loving retirement and the shift in focus to fashion and family.

“Obviously it’s something that’s totally different to what I have done over the years,” he said. “I’ve had my moments of missing playing, but you know I think that watching my kids play, watching them train, you know, has taken over that kind of void of what I used to do.”

Asked if he was a typical “soccer dad”, Beckham smiled.

“I am one of those dads, because I always I know how good they can be at times, the boys. And, you know obviously all dads are the same, you know, very competitive,” he said. “But, you know, these days you’re not allowed to say too much on the side lines.”



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