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Insects and all angry


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WELL, I AIN’T KNOW if ya’all like me, having tuh wrestle wid the big lot o’ flies ya seeing all of a sudden nowadays. I ain’t know where these big black flies come from but tuh me, duh ain’t like the small ones we accustom tuh seeing.

First of all, as I said before, duh real, real big but duh ain’t dem big ones dat we used tuh call money flies. These ain’t as big as dem but duh black, and talk ’bout aggressive? The flies does laugh at fly spray and when you playing you hitting at dem and chasing dem out, these things does ’bong back at ya, hitting ya in ya face and ting, keeping bare noise – duh ain’t frighten.

Another thing, duh real smart, hear? If you could get dem cornered and hit dem, these things does drop down and play dead and then bong back up and fly ’way again; duh fierce, hear wha’ I tell ya.

I suppose the animals and insects now beginning tuh imitate the humans. Wha’ if the humans could be suh hateful, angry, vengeful, aggressive and vicious, why the animals and insects cahn do it too?

Wha’ God make we a li’l lower than the angels and crown we wid glory and honour and then He placed all things, dat means all the animals and insects, under our feet and look at how we getting on! We behaving worse than the very animals and insects dat we suppose tuh be ovah.

Look, humans have become real confuse, miserable, hostile and aggressive. Duh real impatient and intolerant towards one another. Duh like duh lost the ability tuh smile and be peaceful. You see the amount o’ fighting going on all ’bout the world? My Lord, I cahn even find the right words tuh express how it making ya feel when ya think that the men who are suppose tuh protect duh families, like duh ain’t care nuh more and destroying dem just so. Duh ain’t got nuh kinda regard fuh human life, be it man, woman or child. It like it means nothing whatsoevah tuh dem.

Planes getting shoot down out o’ the air, like the big-able Malaysia passenger plane wid all o’ dem people pon it or duh dropping out o’ the sky and nuhbody ain’t  understand why nor where duh gone ’cause ya cahn even find dem; not even pieces. Duh disappear and gone ’long just so.

We here in the Caribbean used tuh be a happy go-lucky, no problem kinda people but in recent years we seem tuh be adopting all the negative things from the warmongers in the world. The amount o’ killings dat taking place here in Barbados alone is frightening.

Nowadays ya like ya only gotta look at somebody a li’l longer than dem feel you should be looking at dem and duh ready tuh bong in ya throat. Duh want tuh know why you looking at dem so.

Evahbody all of a sudden like duh gone mad as hell or feel dat dem is gully boars or maguffies. Actually, every day ya does be hearing ’bout another young man who either get shoot, stab up or he shoot or stab up another young man like heself.

Another thing is this. The diseases like duh decide dat dem ain’t gine be left out. Dem ain’t letting nuh fighting, nuh drugs, nuh killings nor nutten so guh ’long and leff dem, dem in the do too. Diseases, one after the other coming up every day and each time another one presents itself, it is a little more aggressive and deadlier than the one before and looka wha’ causing some o’ these diseases: a lil insect, a mosquito.

Ya see wha’ I mean bout the insects being angry now?

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.



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