ALTAR CALL: The word at Coverley


Uptempo music, dancing, hand-clapping, special ministry in song, a time for deliverance, and of course, a time to sit, hear and meditate on the Word of God.

All this and more took place at The Villages at Coverley, Christ Church, two Sundays ago during the 11 a.m. Let’s Fellowship At The Villages service conducted and hosted by Voice To The Nations Ministries International.

And after the refreshing dose of an encouraging word from visiting speaker, Minister Cheryl Walton; special ministry in song by international gospel artiste Minister Hoszia Hinds; the speaking of the prophetic word by Minister Jennifer Reid and the receiving into the fold of one lost soul, those who gathered took time to enjoy the ministry’s usual Sunday afternoon luncheon.

Sitting on the spacious terrace of the Villages’ Recreation Centre, the congregation paid rapt attention as Walton outlined the path an individual should take when circumstances in his or her life change, or when God interrupts their plans.

She made several references to men of the Bible whose lives were transformed when God turned up unexpectedly. Among them were Abraham, one of the many blind men whom Jesus healed, and Saul, whose spiritual transformation led to the changing of his name to the Apostle Paul.

Walton stressed that while these individuals had face-to-face encounters with God or His Son Jesus Christ, it was really God at work fulfilling His purposes through and in their lives. She said each individual learnt how to trust God in their circumstances.

She next shared a five-point plan of action a person can take when life circumstances change. First, she said one should look for the rainbow; that is, God’s promises and His presence.

“The rainbow reminds us of God’s promises to us. It appears when there is rain. It reminds us it will not always be sunny but that every circumstance has its positive purpose.”

She also said when one’s circumstances change, one must not react, but listen to what God has to say, respond out of wisdom and never settle for the place one is at.

“Sometimes when God shows us who we truly are, it may be painful, but we should look to better ourselves and seek a better place. Although circumstances may not appear favourable, we must not dwell on our circumstances, but rather trust that God has a plan.”

Lastly, she told her attentive listeners to focus on the journey ahead.

“Don’t look at where you were or where you are going. Every step you take in life provides a lesson. Don’t be too quick to move out of the circumstances. Allow God to remove any scales from your eyes so you can discern and be in step with Him.

“God is calling us from the norms and that process can be painful even though it will be necessary. Shaking will take place when God interrupts our lives, but we must not be afraid or be despondent when it happens. Remember that God is in control. Do not allow your circumstances to dictate your life. Trust that it is all part of God’s will.”

The sermon was described by some who attended as “timely”, “good food for thought” and “positive”.







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