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DEAR CHRISTINE: Seven share rules for dating


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Dear Christine,

I recently came across an article which I’d like to share with readers if you allow me to do so.

It speaks about rules for choosing a mate. I know some of your readers will benefit from the advice, so here goes:

“Remember the old ‘Rules of the Road’ that we all studied before we passed our driver’s licence test? Well, maybe there should be a ‘Rules For The Dating Road’, also.”

Here is what some men and women had to share:

Sherry: “Accept your man ready-made; don’t even try to change him because it just does not work.

“If he says he is not good enough for you, take his word for it and run [he knows].

“Never give or loan him more money than you are prepared to lose forever.

“If he never talks about the future, there is a reason.

“If you catch him lying about little things, he will also lie about big things.

“If he says he does not want commitment or marriage, don’t kid yourself into believing that is the way he feels right now but he’ll change.

“If you know the relationship is not working, be strong and let go [It is better to be without someone than to be with the wrong person].

“If he talks about his former girlfriends disrespectfully, that’s the way he’ll be talking about you someday in the future.

“Never, ever date a married man [There are no exceptions to the rule].

“Never give up your friends for a man [They will be there long after he is gone.]”

Marc: “If you are in the car with a woman on a first date and she has her hands all over you, pull the car over to the side of the road; flag down a taxi and put her in it.

Give the driver enough money to get her home. Politely say, “Goodbye,” and don’t even say it was nice knowing you. After that, never call her again.

“Another reminder: It is a good idea to avoid dating women who do not have many female friends, but tons of male friends. They claim that other women are “too bitchy” and their male friends are much nicer to be around.

“In truth, most of these women are too insecure about themselves to be around other females. They view them as competition.

“Being surrounded by men makes them feel more attractive and secure. In contrast, these women freak out with jealousy when they learn their boyfriends have lots of female friends.

Maxine: “Don’t delude yourself. Don’t believe you see his feelings if he cannot verbalise them.

“Do not make excuses for him, such as: ‘He’s afraid as he is afraid to open up, he is embarrassed in front of his friends, or he’s shy.’

“No way! Don’t waste your time.

Elizabeth: “Always inform your family of all the vital statistics of the guy you are going out with, just in case he turns out to be a murderer or something equally unattractive.

“Never date a guy who is prettier than you are.

Mimi: Always wait until he calls at least three times before calling him.”

Debra: Do not be the first one in a divorced man’s post-divorce life.

“They cry on your shoulders and you provide hours of free therapy. You patch them up and when they are all better, they will say ‘thanks’ and off they go to someone who is not associated with all the pain.

“Sad but true.”

Allyson: “If you are the one who is always paying for the dinner, lunch and even the odd night at the movies, put wheels on your heels and run. He is either looking for ‘a support system’, or he has no intention of ever investing in you to the point where the relationship is meaningful.”

– Dianne

Dear Dianne:

Thanks for sharing.

I am sure not everyone will agree with everything contained in this article, but it has provided much food for thought.



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