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DEAR CHRISTINE: He would help out, if I give in


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Dear Christine,

I AM 22 YEARS OLD and have three children. All their fathers have gone and left me alone with them.

My mother has told me that I should stop bothering with these men and look for work. My children are ages four, two and one.

Recently, I met a man who has offered to help me and the children if I would let him come and sleep with me.

Christine, he has his own house and has a decent paying job. I care for him in my own way, but would I be wrong in taking him up on his offer?

My mother seems to think it is not the thing for me to do, but I am not sure. That’s why I need your advice.

– Mother of Three

Dear Mother Of Three,

I have this feeling that you could be writing me in another year or so and signing your letter, “Mother of Four”. Do you see where I am coming from?

I am not here to judge whether you’ll be right or wrong, but I want you to look at your circumstance and those of young girls like yourself who are letting every Tom, Dick and Harry who say they care, make use of their bodies only to leave them, as in your case, with three or more children.

You must reach that stage where you ask yourself: What example am I setting for my three young children? Children live what they see and learn and your current lifestyle does not in any way point them in a positive direction.

If your mother is willing to stand by you and help you take care of the children, I believe you should take her advice and earn your living other than the way you have been “earning” it so far.

You’re into a fresh year; do some positive things with your life and stop depending on these men to get you through. I think after three “hiccups”, so to speak, you should have learnt your lesson by now.

Try looking for a job – any fair and decent job, which will boost your independence.



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