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PUDDING & SOUSE: Young thing a man magnet


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THE TALK FROM FOUR ROADS TO GALL HILL, and from Glenburnie to Wilson Hill and indeed all other parts of that beautiful and quaint parish is about a young girl who has horned her cousin.

She apparently had a relationship going on with the man for four and a half years right under her cousin’s nose. She even had a child for him.

This flighty young thing seems to have a thing for family connections as the talk making the rounds this week was that she is now living with her child father’s nephew while at the same time having another outside man.

This bold young woman recently got a job and has been making it difficult for the man to see the child and when asked why, she said: “He got too many women.”

Meantime, she insists that the nephew, with whom she is seen every so often these days, is only a close friend.

Caught in the act

Things are really hot in St John because a man with a Mohawk hairstyle got the shock of his life last week when he went home earlier than usual.

He heard a noise and assumed that it was his wife suffering in pain. Without making any noise, he rushed into the bedroom only to find there was no discomfort, only the sound of joy.  The only thing missing was Gabby’s popular song Hit It. 

A well known gardener was showing his versatility even without Foreigner Frank’s Lawn Um Down.

A distraught hubby questioned why, only to be bluntly told the gardener was the real sugar boy and that he, the hubby, was nothing other than a sugar daddy. Hubby did the logical thing and packed his belongings and left.

Slap on the wrist

At least one man was praying about the situation and, after divine guidance, felt that action had to be taken. But all that was allowed was a suspension with all the benefits intact.

The talk is why the union represented him. Some people felt it may not be that any union defended him and neither did he kneel in repentance, but rather that some joker with temporary power insisted that it was no serious matter and that the most the man deserved was “a slap on the wrist”.


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