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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Boss on a witch-hunt


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WE REPORTED about this matter last week.

Now, the boss, who has become known for communicating to staff by phone text or Whatsapp messages, has sent an intimidating text message to them over the past few days, saying he has friends at Fontabelle and he would eventually find out which employee is letting the “cat out of the bag”.

Sad to say, he’s absolutely misleading them with this wild card. The employees say this boss is paranoid, accusing everyone of stealing and has cameras posted at every available point.

They have also accused him of making derogatory remarks to certain staff members, including one individual who he fired and said he was sorry to take him from the gutter.

The workers claim that if it was possible to videotape and record the boss in action, it would make those he represents otherwise squirm.

A cuss-out in vain

WHEN A MAN ANGRY, he resorts to his true culture.

This was very evident this week when a man went to a property near the National Cultural Foundation and behaved like a town rat.

This man, who once held rank, shocked the people who were looking through half-opened windows and from behind half-drawn curtains.

Apparently, this man who has an affinity for The City and can sometimes be found near Marhill Street talking on behalf of the poor and dispossessed, took bold steps towards a property and demanded the occupant come out. Well, the timid-looking woman came out but certainly not in any surrender mode.

The City bossman had gotten it all wrong. He apparently felt the woman was a cheat but this apparently wasn’t the case. The money was being diligently paid month after month, but not reaching the correct source.

The bossman may now have to use a stick to beat the truth out of a sistren who nearly caused him serious embarrassment when he tried to outdo the verbal capabilities often displayed by the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex.

The City bossman was certainly not setting a good example.

Last-minute bash

THE BIG BASH has been the talk on almost everyone’s lips – a show stopper, indeed a golden start. But in the same breath many people have been saying that it was clearly a last-minute put-together.

Businesses were left scrambling to close before regular end time and scores of people were inconvenienced. So people had to spend money to apologise on the airwaves to their supporters. It was evident that meetings which should have been held before the big bash were not undertaken. But that is how paper pushers operate without regard to commerce and industry since cess, levies and dues are how they earn their way.

And ’nuff people have been saying that had there been consultation with Harry, Tom and Dick, then the idea of using January 21, a public holiday, to celebrate five decades, would have made much more sense. There would have been no need to stop school while the public holiday would be better utilised.

No model teacher

WHEN PEOPLE are being recruited for certain jobs, a detailed background check must be undertaken. It seems as if this will have to be the case with those who want to guide the untainted young minds across this fair land.

A young man who is a strong believer in same-sex relations has been creating problems within education circles. This gay person, who is almost 30, can be found almost nightly and certainly in the very early hours of the morning near the St Michael’s and All Angels but certainly not praying.

Rather, this man, whom some describe as a fox, is always preying on young men and he likes slapping those who spurn his attention.

The officials on Constitution Road need to keep a close eye on what’s happening between St Michael and St Peter to ensure that the innocent are not contaminated and corrupted by those living double lives.


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