Norman Manley Airport No. 3 in region


KINGSTON – The Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) has been rated by the Airport Council International (ACI) as the No. 3-ranked airport in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

This was disclosed by Acting President and Chief Executive Officer of Airports Authority of Jamaica, Audley Deidrick, at an appreciation reception for the stakeholders of the Norman Manley International Airport, held at the airport on January 13.

The airport has been given the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award, considered to be among the industry’s most prestigious accolades. It recognises the airports which have achieved the highest passenger satisfaction ratings in the ASQ survey, the world’s benchmark measure of airport excellence.

In an interview with JIS News, Deidrick explained that the NMIA  was not  so highly ranked in the previous years, due to some challenges.

“We have successfully resolved those issues and have therefore seen a significant improvement in our rating on this measure. In 2014 in the Caribbean and Latin America Region we were ranked number 12 of the 18 airports in the region and in the first quarter of 2015 it even dipped lower, because of issues with our cooling system, so the responses put us then at 15,” he noted.

“As of Quarters 2 and 3 ending September and December of 2015, respectively, we are now ranked at number 3 for two successive quarters.  Our ranking is a symbol to us, the operators of the airport, as to how well we are satisfying our passengers,” Deidrick added.

He thanked the stakeholders, which included concessionaires, airlines, ground transportation providers, hoteliers, security providers, the meteorological services and the Ministries of Health and Agriculture for the role they play on a daily basis in the success of the airport.

He hailed the contribution of the airport’s two major passenger processing partners, the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) and the Customs Department, which have played a significant role in the improvement of the airport’s ranking.

“Last year, passport and visa inspection in arrivals was ranked at 16 in the region. This quarter, they are ranked at number three, so Immigration has really made significant inroads in their processing of incoming passengers. Similarly, Customs was ranked at 16 last year and at 18 earlier this year. They are now ranked at number 14 in the region,” he noted.

Deidrick also had high praises for the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, another major contributor to airport operations.

The President informed the stakeholders that Jamaica is well represented among Caribbean nominations for the World Travel Awards, with both NMIA and Sangster International Airport being among the three airports in the Caribbean region to be nominated. The third Caribbean airport nominated is Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic. The winners will be announced later in the year. (JIS)


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