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LOOKA LEW: Mosquitoes never satisfied


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IF A DOG BITES YOU, you does know exactly which dog it is that bite you. But if a mosquito bites you, unless you happen to see it committing the act, you does don’t have a clue which mosquito bite you, because all mosquitoes look alike.

Now, mosquitoes don’t be satisfied with just biting you, getting some free blood and moving on. Them does bite you and give you diseases to either kill you or half-kill you. They does remind me of these hard-ears youngsters we got ’bout here, who would rob you at gunpoint, take away your money and then shoot you for no reason.

But what I does admire ’bout mosquitoes is that they don’t come out with a disease one year and sit back and relax. They does remind me of these cellphone companies – they always find new ways to improve things. Take, for instance, a dog. A dog would bite you and give you rabies or in some cases leptospirosis and the dog satisfied with that. He don’t go in the lab the next year and try to work out a new disease for your backside.

But not a mosquito. A mosquito never satisfied. One time they used to just give you malaria and malaria killed millions of people. Then one of them get a bright idea and decide they gine in the lab and concoct something new for humans and they come out with yellow fever, and that too killed millions of people.

Now a dog would have been satisfied with them two diseases, ’cause after that the dog studying eating bones, but not a mosquito. Soon after malaria, yellow fever and West Nile virus we hear mosquitoes got a new one. It name dengue, and this dengue thing does give you headaches, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, itchy skin and all kinda igrunce.

So you would figure that mosquitoes would take a break after inventing all them diseases. You would figure them tired, so them gine and play dominoes, drink rum and relax, but noooo! Soon after dengue them come out with the upgrade to dengue: dengue version 2.0 or chikungunya with “touch scream”. And people who had that one say it cruel. That one made big men and women cry and wee-wee them bed because them just couldn’t walk.

So I say the mosquitoes done with that; they got to be satisfied by now: they created enough diseases to kill or half-kill we, but them ain’t done. They went back in the disease factory and bring out the latest one name Zika. Now, Zika is like the upgrade to chikungunya, it is chikungunya with free Wi-Fi. This one does even give you “red eyes”.

Also, pregnant women can pass on the disease to their unborn children. And from what I understand, doctors are telling women to avoid getting pregnant while this disease is around, and if they are pregnant to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes because these babies can born with deformed heads.  But I willing to bet that them mosquitoes ain’t done, that them still ain’t satisfied, that by next year this same time them fellas gine got something new.

A friend of mine tell me he know for sure that the next mosquito disease gine hit men real hard, so hard it gine stop the li’l soldier downstairs from standing at attention for years. Now that indeed would be a declaration of war. See ya.

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