FLYING FISH & COU COU: Monarch’s call to duty


HE MAY BE a king of sorts in Barbados, but some in the land of wood and water are considering him nothing less than a rascal who isn’t living up to his responsibilities.

Word from Kingston is that this man, who feels no one can make moves like him, has a love child in Buju Banton’s homeland who is in dire need.

The little one, said to be four years old and carrying a corruption of the Japanese name well known in Bim, is said to be very sick, according to all the emails and social media reports coming out of homeland of many famous sportsmen.

The appeal is for the Bajan man known for pushing his way across the board to either make it known once and for all that he has no love child or own up and undertake his responsibility. The  plea to this country boy is to act and don’t get huff.

Back in favour

THE FIELD MARSHALL of Lilliput is definitely back and ready for battle. This time he is not focusing his energy and time on fighting the Smiling Sheriff and his troops in the rolling hills on the East Coast. The fight is being taken to the plains below The Hill and even down to the red sea.

The Field Marshal, after a falling out with friends, has found favour with the woman in white and Dr Doolittle, and has decided to take the fight to the Rear Admiral of Goodland, whom some also call Zacchaeus.

But the Lilliputian has made it known that it was only because of the voice of the people that he has decided to respond to their plea for help, not only to deal with the disguting smell of Barbados blackstrap, but he is willing  to take on the problem of bad dumping habits around the island.

The question is whether at the appointed hour he will become a martyr of St Stephen.

White Queen’s choice

THERE WERE ONCE SEVEN, but at this stage only three are certainties.

The woman in white will be going with the dreadlocked princess and the queen of scarves. The calendar will be bare, while the motion picture producer from the east is off the scene and there is great uncertainty down south about the defender of small enterprises. Of course, the fighter in the west has been kicked off the battlefield.

There is a real possibility that the lady famous for her catch phrases and who is a promoter of small and medium size businesses and a defender of credit unions may be one of the new faces from the tender gender to get a pick in the team

Cheap shot at Shorty

A PINT-SIZE MAN who considers himself the ruler of all the lands west of the southern coastline has been highlighted on social media for the wrong reasons by a very closely connected female.

She has posted some things which will cast doubt on this runt’s image. But people who like a lot of mas say he is quite the opposite.

The feeling is that the lady may be feeling threatened by a young thing from the nation’s collector of festivals. So, little wonder when the bubbly short man turned up at a function recently and heard that the main squeeze was there already, and uninvited, that he insisted to the organisers she leave before he went in. And those present said this culture vulture did have a ball.


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