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MAVIS BECKLES: Highways want cleaning up


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I wonder when the time gine come for the relevant authorities tuh do something about the people who, despite what anybody say or how duh feel, does continue tuh dump duh garbage all ovah the place whenevah duh like and wherevah duh like.

You know how many years people been talking ’bout this sort o’ nasty habit dat some Bajans have?

Duh got some people like duh hate tuh see any place clean. Some people like duh does take particular pride in pelting fast food containers out through a vehicle window and when you see dem and start tuh reprimand dem ’bout it, duh does wash ya off in cuss.

You would think dat you doing or even telling dem something wrong. You won’t believe dat if the place look stink, it is a reflection pon all o’ we.

I know people does dump all sorts o’ things, from furniture tuh food, all ’bout the place and even though ya would tell dem dat the plastic and styrofoam containers does cause a lot o’ problem in the drainage system, duh does still do it, like duh doan care.

But you want tuh know some o’ the people who does upset me the most? Well, it is the coconut vendors along the highways.

Now cud’dear: a coconut vendor would come wid a big truckload o’ coconuts and dump dem pon the side o’ the road; he would take out the sword or Collins tuh cut up the coconuts. Then they would take out the big lot o’ bottles in a big white plastic bag and pelt dem one side. Next they would set up some kinda makeshift table tuh rest all duh tacklings pon and start off selling coconuts.

The truck duh come in might not stay around fuh the entire day, so you would know that the coconut shells gine be mounting up as the day wears on.

Soon it is evening and next thing ya know, nuh truck ain’t come back tuh carry way the shells and then all the men does pack up and guh ’long ’bout duh business, leaving the place in a state wid all o’ dem coconut shells behind.

Another mess

You would think dat it would bother these people tuh leave the place suh stink but duh like duh does go somewhere else, along another part o’ the highway and start duh mess all ovah again, leaving the other set o’ mess behind tuh just stand there and dry up ’longside the road or fuh somebody else tuh clean up.

It is disgusting. If you think I telling lies, just take a stroll up there by Warrens and ya gine see little heaps o’ coconut shells dat vendors left behind weeks ago, probably months ago.

Now this is my take pon these kinda people so. They should hire people tuh make sure dat the highways are cleaned up when the coconut vendors done selling fuh the day.

Another thing is dat the vendors should be registered like the ZR and minibus men. Dat way you would know who is selling and who is leaving their garbage behind. Then if they doan comply wid the rules and regulations, duh cahn sell.

A lot o’ things getting outta hand ’bout here and a lot o’ people doing as duh like. Then when ya have tuh discipline dem, duh hollering out and talking ’bout people ain’t care nutten ’bout the small man, dat duh stopping the small man from making a living and a lot o’ foolishness.

You should see out there by Fairchild Street early pon a morning; it does be disgusting. I cahn understand if this is supposed tuh be a heritage site and a place where so many visitors does be walking, why duh cahn keep it clean.

We need tuh stop all the lot o’ long talk and start prosecuting people.

 Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.

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