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Family first for O’Brian


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Family is everything for O’Brian St Elmo Worrell. His wife, Navisha, and two sons, Saurav, 13, and Javed, 10, are his entire life. They literally do everything together, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m very big on family, I believe in family. You should always put in family time. My wife is quite similar as well, so it works. We do everything together as a family,” he said.

On the work front, O’Brian is self employed as a land surveyor with his company, Land and Sea Surveys, and also a real estate agent under his company Waterhill Properties, which he runs alongside his wife, who is an attorney at law. A combination, which he says, is unlike any other.

“My wife and I, we work together and play together, which I think is paramount. Navisha is an attorney and we would have been working together for a long time. It’s a great combination. I’m a Jack of all trades when it comes to property. I consider myself a property specialist. So with the real estate she helps out a lot; when my clients needa lawyer that’s where she steps in,” the 47-year-old explained.

On the personal front, the avid cricket lover, which was evident in the naming of his two sons after professional international cricketers, is elated to have two sons, who are like built-in best friends he gets to bond with over cricket . . . . They literally, eat, breathe and sleep cricket.

“We go to the beach a lot. Playing cricket is our love. We bond through it. I’m content with the two boys. I always wanted two boys. I have four nieces so I’m good with the boys,” he said with a laugh, noting that he was definitely having no more kids.

“We all love cricket. I think they got into it because I was always playing and being around the game. I help coach Carlton cricket team and they are very involved as well. They both play at school. It’s every little boy’s dream to play cricketand I encourage them to play.”

“I never stopped them from playing even around 11-Plus Exam. Life is about balance so I feel they should be able to play the cricket and still come home and do the schoolwork. We watch cricket together. We take them to the [Kensington] Oval. Even when we aren’t playing we go and watch cricket on Saturdays. My wife is also very involved in cricket,” he explained.

During a Sunday afternoon interview at their lovely home in St Silas, St James, O’Brian said he stresses to his sons that life is all about balance.

“My mantra in life is about balance, and I want to teach them that whatever you do, you have to work. But, you can’t just be a workaholic; you have to have time for play. That’s exactly how I live my life. If you go out the whole night partying, you have to get up and go to work tomorrow. That’s what I do.

“I love Crop Over, I’m in every fete. I have a Crop Over band called Illuminate. So I fete during the week and get up and go to work in the morning. If you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability. That’s what I strive to do and I make sure I instil that in the boys as well,” he added.

Today, O’Brian is even more appreciative to be around his family and celebrating life. Getting a bit teary eyed at this point of the interview, O’Brian paused to look lovingly at his sons, and just take in their presence.

“Looking at them here now, I’m thinking about the fact that my brother passed away two years ago and left my two nieces. I would like to be here for a long time to see them grow because my brother isn’t here for his kids, so I want to be here for them.

“I want to watch them grow. Every parent’s dream is to see their children take over their business. Given that we are both in a private practice, it would be ideal for one to do survey and valuations and for the other to do law. I think that may be asking for a bit much but you never know,” he said while blinking back tears.

O’Brian said while watching his sons grow up daily, he wants them to also learn the importance of loving with intent.

“I want them to grow up and be happy. I want them to live good lives. Whatever they want to do, I will back them fully.  I will educate them, but  . . . it’s up to them to do whatever they want as long as they treat people well, enjoy life, work hard and be happy”. (DB)


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