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Look how I woulda get kill!


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It was then that I realised I was in the wrong place. I quickly apologised, got up out of the people’s chair fast and rushed back down the stairs.


LewEasy easy so, I coulda get shoot!

Now a friend of mine ask me to drop her up East Coast Road last Sunday morning for 6 o’ clock to meet some friends at a apartment. She was gine there to assist them with a project.

Well, Sunday mornings I like to lie down in my bed and sprawl out and thank the Almighty that I ain’t got to go in the people workplace, so I wasn’t too keen on getting out my bed so early in the morning and gine nowhere. Anyhow, she is a girl that would do anything for me, so I couldn’t say no.

So we get down East Coast and we rambling and can’t find this place at all. She calling the people who she supposed to meet but nobody ain’t answering them phones.

Meanwhile, I watching the li’l gas in my car ’cause the needle cosying up to the “E”, so I really wasn’t ’bout the driving ’round rambling thing.

Plus outside cold and I ready to turn around and go back home too, ’cause the wind blowing strong like a hurricane coming and it coming off the sea colder than how my madam does look at me when I tell her that she putting on weight. But then we see a set of apartments and she tell me let we go at one and knock and ask a question.

Well, she didn’t mean Cynthia’s first born. I tell her these days is funny nights and I ain’t got no luck. I would go walking on somebody’s property and next thing you know they mistake me for a burglar and I get a shot clap in my tail or somebody’s dog bite out my knee cap. Anyhow, after rambling for a while she got hold of one of the people and we found the place.

We get there and she got out the car and told me that the people she supposed to meet in a apartment around the back of the apartments. So I parked expecting that she would be waiting on me to join her. However, when I get out the car she did gone.

Apartment at the back

Now, here is where it gets interesting. I remember hearing her say the apartment at the back, so I made my way in that direction.

When I get ’round the back I heard some female voices coming from an upstairs apartment at the back. I walked up the stairs, the door was wide open but no one was there. I could only hear people talking in another room. I didn’t want to walk down through the people’s place, so I sat in the nearest chair and took out my cell phone and started to do some social media browsing while I was waiting.

Minutes later, a Middle Eastern-looking woman came into the room and looked at me. So I told her to tell my friend (I called her by name) that I was out there. The woman looked at me with a strange look like I was a madman.

The same time another Middle Eastern-looking man with a long beard came into the room. He took one look at me and asked me if I was the maintenance man. Before I could even answer he started complaining to me that he was looking for me since last night ’cause them was without any hot water since yesterday.

It was then that I realised I was in the wrong place. I quickly apologised, got up out of the people’s chair fast and rushed back down the stairs.

I then called my friend, only to learn that she and her friends were in an apartment further down in the back.

Now, suppose that woman did scream out when she first saw me and that man did rush out and pelt a shot in me?

The first thing some of wunna would say is that it serve me right, ’cause I ain’t had no right in the people’s place. And you wouldn’t be wrong for saying so.

See ya.

Email: twitter@madderic

by Eric Lewis


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