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Former murder accused seeking $2m


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A civil suit brought by the former murder accused who is seeking more than $2 million in damages from Government was adjourned yesterday.

Frank Errol Gibson, of Gall Hill, St John, had been charged with the January 15/16, 2002 murder of Francine Bolden but was set free in 2012 because of issues surrounding the report of the man who was to be the Crown’s expert witness.

He has now filed a civil suit against the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Attorney General and that expert witness Dr Victor Eastmond, asking for over $2 million in damages.

Gibson is claiming that he was wrongfully charged, imprisoned and prosecuted.

Yesterday, when the matter came up for hearing before Justice Pamela Beckles in the No. 5 Supreme Court, Crown Counsel in the Solicitor General’s Chambers, Jared Richards, said Deputy Solicitor General Roger Barker, who had conduct of the matter, was on vacation.

He asked for an adjournment.

However, Queen’s Counsel Larry Smith, who is representing Gibson in association with attorney Jamila Smith, objected to the adjournment and asked for “judgement with damages to be assessed”.

“Do not bring him back to fight liability,” Smith urged.

This was opposed by Richards who argued that “to enter judgement in a matter that is in the midnight hours is not justice, is not fairness”.

Justice Beckles adjourned the matter until December 3 and 14. (HLE)



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