Police at Paragon as people voice concerns


Tensions appear to be rising at the Paragon Isolation Centre at the Barbados Defence Force base in Christ Church.

Several angry people telephoned the Nation today to complain that they have been at the facility for close to two weeks awaiting their COVID-19 test results, but have not heard anything from Ministry of Health officials.

Some sent videos and photographs showing a large number of people gathered outside one of the buildings, some with suitcases packed and threatening to leave.

One irate man said things took a turn when three Caucasian men who came in after them, left the facility this morning after receiving their results. He added close to 100 men, women and children were at the centre.

The man said an official just held a meeting with the group and informed then that their concerns would be relayed to the Minister of Health.

Police are currently on the scene. (MB)


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