Stay away from Portuguese man-of-war, says Humphrey

Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey (FILE)

Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey is warning the public not to handle or step on the Portuguese man-of-war.

This after a number of the sea creatures were spotted on the South Coast on Friday.

Humphrey said the ministry had been made aware and he had seen them.

“The public is strongly warned not to handle or step on the ‘man-of-war’ as the tentacles are still active even when [they are] dead. These things are beautiful to look at, but extremely dangerous to come in contact with, so please stay away from them,” he said.

The minister said the invertebrate was spotted around Barbados on occasion, especially on the East Coast beaches.

“They have also been infrequently seen in Carlisle Bay in the past. They are most dangerous when in the water, as the tentacles are fine and long and can therefore trail a distance from the floating bladder. Persons should stay out the water when they are present, or be as careful as possible and do not go near them,” he said.

Humphrey said National Conservation Commission workers have been posting red flags on beaches where sightings have been reported.

“Barbadians should also be aware that these organisms are transported by wind and it can be expected that several may be found all along the entire South Coast and even along the West Coast at Brandon’s and beyond,” he said. (PR)


Portuguese man-of-war were found on the South Coast, February 12, 2021. (Picture by Shanice King.)


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