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Three fined for using cell phone while driving


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One motorist said he was moments away from work when he decided to check the time, while another said he had quickly answered the phone and told the person to hold on when he saw police by his window.

However, both motorists felt the cost of driving and using their cell phones when they appeared in the District “A” Traffic Court on Thursday.

Rommell Worrell, of Lower Estate, St George, admitted he was driving on Park Road on October 9 last year when he used his cell phone.

He explained he had left home after receiving a call about his mother. He added he was collecting some items for her when “the hospital called”.

“I answer and said ‘hold on’. I just press the phone and told the woman hold on,” he said.

However, he told the court he did not appreciate the way the lawman approached and dealt with him.

“I could’ve shown him that it was the woman from the hospital,” he said.

He was fined $500 in 30 days or 50 days in prison.

Leslie Padmore, of Tranquil Close, Sanford, St Philip, who admitted he operated his vehicle on Fontabelle while using his phone on September 18, 2020, conceded he was wrong.

“I was a few seconds away from work and I decided to check the time,” he said before he was ordered to pay $300 forthwith or spend 30 days in prison.

The fine was paid.

Also appearing in the court was Jameel Mehter, of Gemswick, St Philip.

He pleaded guilty to using his phone while driving on Wildey Main Road, St Michael, on June 22, 2020.

“I would like to apologise,” he said, moments before he was ordered to pay a $500 forthwith fine or spend 50 days in prison. The money was paid.

The fines were imposed by Acting Magistrate Krystal Delaney, while the matters were prosecuted by Constable Ralph Rollock. (HLE)


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