Caddle: Address each claim in report

Minister of Industry, Innovation and Trade Marsha Caddle. (FILE)

Government backbencher Marsha Caddle is calling on Government to “once and for all address the assertions” related to the Auditor General’s Report as the mood in the country seems to be one “where people in an absence of facts and an absence of information are creating all kinds of storylines”.

Speaking in the House of Assembly yesterday afternoon during debate on the Electric Light And Power (Amendment) Bill, 2022, the Member of Parliament for St Michael South Central said she read the report three times and some of the observations made did not point to malfeasance, misappropriation, or a government that set targets which it did not meet but rather to “systems that still leave room to be improved”.

She said the Mia Mottley administration came to service on a platform of transparency and accountability and could stand by that. Therefore, she noted Government should take “every single claim or assertion made by the Auditor General in this report and to respond to it one by one by one by one”.

“It must be done,” Caddle said. (MB)



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