Residents concerned over crime surge


Some Barbadians remain doubtful about how safe it is and whether police have the crime situation in hand.

While June was bloodiest month in the island with five murders, last week’s five brazen fatal shootings has shocked many.

The violence prompted Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce and Attorney General Dale Marshall to seek to allay the fears of the public by stating they had the crime situation under control.

During a press conference Boyce said that some bad boys who were being hunted by their enemies were running into the arms of the law for protection while Marshall said the deceased were associated with groups that have been warring.

“Of the four that met their unfortunate death in the last three days, each of them was known to the police and at least one of them was under investigation for as many as three homicides. They are all known to have associated with groups which we spoke about,” he had said. (RA)



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