VIDEO: Babies born in car park

From left: Carolyn Scantlebury, Tonia Howell, Alliah Richards and Tanesha White. (Picture by Jameel Springer)

It was a case of being in the right place at the right time for two employees of The Tavern Pub in Bagatelle, St Thomas. Forty-two-year-old Sheena Boyce was ready to deliver her twin babies while on her way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but time was not on her side when her water broke.

She therefore had to pull into The Tavern Pub in Bagatelle, St Thomas on advice from paramedics talking to her on the telephone.

Two employees, supervisor Tanesha White and cook Tonia Howell, jumped in to assist Carolyn Scantlebury and her daughter Alliah Richards who were transporting Boyce to the hospital.


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