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BCEN knocks ad, Carter’s apologises


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The Barbados Consumer Empowerment Network (BCEN) has added its voice to concerns raised about the “risqué” nature of a Valentine’s advertisement posted online by Carter’s hardware store on Tuesday.

It showcased a range of products, including rope, chain, lumber and locks; as well as a caged man, hands bound with chain; a “censored” role-play construction worker ready to lay pipe and two male staffers in Saran wrap with a “For Sale” sign.

Some members of the public complained across some social media platforms that the accompanying commentary left little to the imagination.

BCEN urged Carter’s to review their advertising approach and take steps to rectify the damage done to the store’s reputation.

“The risqué nature of the advertisements raise several issues that warrant attention. BCEN finds the content inappropriate and inconsistent with the creditable standards associated with the Carter’s brand,” BCEN said in a statement.

“In a small competitive society such as Barbados, maintaining a positive brand image is critical for sustained success, especially in the competitive retail sector. Therefore, the use of risqué content could alienate a significant portion of customers who patronise the store and impact on Carter’s wholesome image.

“Any form of advertising that does not meet certain ethical or moral standards, nor resonate well with the public, is likely

to have negative consequences. This includes advertisements that are perceived as risqué, explicit, or inappropriate. Such content in advertising could have long-term detrimental effects which could lead to an erosion of customer trust.

“It is important to consider the impact of advertising on the wider community. BCEN believes in ethical advertising that prioritises transparency, and respect for the diverse backgrounds and sensitivities of consumers.”

After posting, Carter’s subsequently removed the ad and posted an apology on Instagram: “Dear members of the public, we have been made aware that we have offended some members of our community with the recently posted Valentine’s advertisement. This was never the intention of our post and for this we sincerely apologise.”

Some who opposed the advertisement, said it went a bit overboard, while others were lobbying for its return, stating there was room for creative expression.

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  1. It is sickening to me that Barbados is to double standard, certain bills of government pass in house of parliament, yet we worry about an ad that doesn’t even look real. Stupssssse


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