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Healing Herbs – Healthy breasts, healthy women


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Greetings to all Mothers!A gem is the best word I normally use to describe my mother as I salute all women. Readers are also encouraged to research the history of Mother’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday, to recognise its true significance. I suggest that this month we Barbadians focus on mothers’ health and fitness. It is every woman’s dream to be endowed with two beautiful breasts. At my age I praise the Creator for what was given to me. I am now more concerned with healthy breasts; the looks can come after. So every morning when we females awake, we must thank the Creator for crafting such beautiful bodies and then placing us in them.Additionally, we must avoid disrespecting our bodies and other human beings. We do not know where the next whirlwind will take us. Remember the saying “breast is best”. The breasts contains milk-producing glands (also called lobules or alveoli) which produce milk from the water and nutrients extracted from the bloodstream. Our breasts are fabulous gifts from nature.Their main function is producing milk for breastfeeding a baby. Therefore the talk of their being sexual objects only for nibbling during lovemaking must not override their main function. Thus, it may be better to avoid displaying them on billboards or using them as sensual toys. Our breasts are sacred; we must love and care for them. They are masterpieces.“Silent doctors” for breast care are fruits and vegetables. These foods consumed uncooked have healing powers that can alleviate many illnesses. They include spinach, broccoli and other dark green leafy vegetables. A cup of soursop, motherwort, passionfruit and annatto leaf tea can prove essential.   Eat plenty of Bajan cherries, grapes and pomegranates. Also consume raw or cooked linseed/flax seeds as beverages or to your liking. Eight glasses of water are also essential. Additionally, exercising and breast baths must never be forgotten.You should also get into the practice of conducting monthly breast self-examination. You can ask your caregivers to show you the technique. They would be glad to share it with you. I was taught the technique a few years ago because I had reached the age bracket for such routine testing. Breast examination is essential because many health challenges can affect the breasts, including breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, nipple discharge and breast cysts.   I urge you to have no fear. Our Creator can work through us once we accept that something is wrong. Women who have treated their breasts badly must seek forgiveness. This is done by telling the breasts: “I will never treat you unkindly again, I am sorry”.We must commence educating teenagers about the importance of their breasts to creation. Make each day Mother’s Day, so that weekly when the family gathers, we can bless them and ensure they know the truth. They need us now, more than ever.This is essential because being diagnosed with any breast challenge is painful and shocking. But remember, the Creator is on our side, so seek guidance. If you normally treat your breasts well, congratulations!“When we seek, we shall find”. Remember, we must talk to each other more often. Avoid the heartaches and pains, nothing is personal. Breast diseases are common amongst us. We were created with the problems and are equipped with many healing solutions. Sisters, spend time researching our prized possessions: our breasts.


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