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‘So-called’ friend cheated me out of money


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Dear Christine, I am writing this letter about dishonest people.

My “so-called friend” had a friend who has two children, and wanted me to baby-sit them for $50 a week because both of us are not working. The children’s mother brought the children over on March 12, but my friend wasn’t paid until the 15.

When she got a job, she told me that if I keep the children for her she would pay me $300. I kept them for ten days. Christine, my “so-called friend” kept them for the same period of time and got $450, but told me nothing.

I went to the children’s mother for the money she owed me, but was told that she gave the money to my friend. I told her I never received it. She told the mother that she gave me $140, but that was not true.

Christine, I felt that if this woman had money for me, she should have given it to me. When I called my “so-called friend” and asked her if she received money to pass on to me,  she said the mother would bring me my money. She got the money and spent all of it. I know, Christine I have to get my $200 or I will go to her workplace and make her shame.

Christine, what do you think about this dishonesty? Should I just forget about it and call it my loss or go and get my money? Thanks in advance for publishing my letter. – R.C  


Forget about it.You now know that your “so-called” friend is really not your friend. So move on.

Continue on your quest to find a job and forget about the money. I know it might be hard, but it’s better than making a scene and to what end?

You probably won’t get the money anyway.– CHRISTINE.


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