‘Give us the truth’


KINGSTON – OUTSPOKEN Adventist pastor Lorenzo King Saturday demanded that Prime Minister Bruce Golding tell the nation the “full, . . . truth” about the unfolding Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair that has engulfed the governing party and triggered  a chorus of cries for  his resignation.But Jamaicans may never hear the unbridled truth if a pronouncement made minutes earlier by the PM’s wife is anything to go by.According to Lorna Golding, her husband was unable to “say everything”. She also begged congregants to “read between the lines”.King made the call for Golding to come clean during the weekly Saturday morning service at the Andrews Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Kingston.“We are saying to the nation, we are saying  to the people of God,  we want the truth; the stinking truth, because out of that will come the resurrection,” King boomed, to overwhelming shouts of approval from the congregation.“The truth is a weapon of evil when possessed by wicked people. We want the truth, we want all the truth that sets us free,” King said, while expressing his distrust  of official statements issued by governments  in general.Before delving into his sermon, King and the church choir held high placards that read,  “We want truth”, which was also the theme  of his sermon.“No nation can move ahead without truth,”  said King, who oversees  an affluent church which has among its worshippers Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen and the prime minister’s wife.During prayers for Golding and his family, King asked God to help the prime minister  to be truthful.“Help him to be honest and be truthful and  to be prepared to abide by the consequences  of truth,” King prayed.But the “full truth” that the nation has been clamouring for since the Manatt affair broke, may never come according to a statement by Mrs Golding, just moments before King’s stirring sermon.“I must tell you, Bruce is fine,” Mrs Golding  told the congregation, while outlining that  she had been drawing strength and inspiration from The Bible.“He is taking some responsibility that he has to take and whatever he says you must read between the lines because he can’t say everything,” added Mrs Golding who appeared frail, an apparent sign of the weight of the crisis that has engulfed her husband.The furore over the hiring of the United States law firm Manatt,  Phelps & Phillips  to lobby Washington for  a favourable outcome  in the contentious Christopher “Dudus” Coke extradition matter, and the apparent web of deceit spun by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), escalated last week Tuesday when the prime minister, after much denial and pressure from the Opposition and other groups, announced in Parliament that he  was the one who gave  the OK for the engagement of the firm.Golding, however, maintained that Manatt was hired on behalf of the JLP and not the Government. Manatt is, however, saying otherwise.The prime minister’s confession came weeks after he ordered JLP General Secretary Karl Samuda to undertake  an investigation into the controversial matter.Samuda, in his “findings”, issued a release on April 27 stating that persons within the JLP approached Jamaican attorney Harold Brady  “to see whether, through his wide network of international contacts,  he could assist in facilitating the opening  of discussions between the US authorities and the Government of Jamaica, and thereby seek to resolve what had become  a treaty dispute between the US and Jamaica”. (Observer)


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